India to step up training Afghan forces


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India steps up Afghan troop training
India plans to train 20,000-30,000 Afghan National Army (ANA) personnel, including about 500 officers, at facilities around the country over the next three years. Under a bilateral strategic partnership agreed during President Hamid Karzai's visit to New Delhi in October, India is also likely to provide the ANA with small arms such as locally developed 5.56 mm assault rifles and, possibly, later transfer heavier weaponry such as rocket launchers, light artillery and even retrofitted Soviet T-55 tanks that the Indian Army is retiring
Be interested to read the full article ( paywall) by JDW's Rahul Bedi........not least in how much substance there is in 'possibly,later...'......and how far this will/may impact on already glacial relations between India and Pakistan.

Given that the Indian Army has four (?) battalions of Gurkhas, training personnel whose first language isn't Hindi shouldn't be too difficult.....personally, I will take with a pinch of salt any talk of equipment transfers ....until such time as something actually clatters and smokes onto an Afghan parade ground.......

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