India to spend $11 billion on new subs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    India to place $11bn order for AIP hi-tech submarines • The Register

    'The Times of India reports that 50,000 crores of rupees (500 billion rupees, roughly US$11bn) has been allocated by the Defence Acquisition Council chaired by Defence Minister A K Antony to the "Project-75 India" (P-75I) programme intended to deliver six new submarines.'

    nice to see our foreign aid money being wisely spent.

    do they fancy bunging us a few quid for some new helo's?
  2. Seen that on the Register and the Inquirer yesterday. Aid money would buy a couple of prop shafts on those things.

  3. And this is the country where many of the population live in abject poverty and which has a massive virtual slave/child labour problem! Set to become the most populous country in the world in the next few years, no wonder they have a space program, where else are they going to live?
  4. Australia (Sorry too much Tom Clancy)
  5. You lefty faggot why cannot India buy a decent U Boat fleet, they are allies and will use it to marytr the Pak Navy before the Jihadis take it over. Poor people in developing Countries are poor for a reason they are a ever present reminder of the perils of not developing, this is Gods will. Wasting money by making them all not poor removes the incentive for that society to continue to develop and throws it into reverse, consigning generations to oblivion.

    I would be more than happy knowing that UK aid money was helping equip the Indian Navy with its fine traditions inherited from the Raj, a Navy that will be on the side of right when the final showdown occurs with the religion of peace.
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I am proud and honoured to be making my small contribution to this via such of my tax money as is squandered on overseas aid.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Don't be setting on the fence you!

    Have to agree though (apart from the fact that I think British money should not be given in foreign aid). The Indian culture is one that is , if not quite harmonious with Western cultures and social ideals, at least not in conflict or competition with them.

    I have absolutely no fear whatsoever of India being a threat to our interests, our freedoms, our people or other nations that don't ask for it. Pakistan has and keeps asking for it. Inshallah, one day, it will get it, off India.
  8. Quite happy to see India develop a submarine fleet, but without wishing to sound a bit thick, if they can afford that and good luck to them, should we be sending cash there that could be used to stop our fleet being decimated?
  9. Just trying to counter Chinese encirclement with their planned deep water ports in Pakistan, Africa, Latin America....wouldn't surprise me if Beijing was making overtures to Sri-Lanka too. Damn deja-vu....the old British Empire....with a different....err....slant.
  10. Am I right in thinking that diesel boats are the ultra-quiet ones, good for sneaking up on folks and lurking where they shouldn't? Bound to make ASW in the Indian Ocean (or elsewhere!) an interesting exercise.
  11. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Yep. Diesel boats are really quiet. The Upholder class that the RN was required to sell to Canada for a song were some of the best going at the time. REALLY quiet. But like all SSKs they were pretty slow and VERY short legged (not to mentioned extremely slow submerged). I'm only at the enthusiastic amature stage in terms of knowledge but AIP doesn't really change any of those problems with the exception of the very short legs while submerged. From the limitations I get the idea they are best used for sealing a choke-point e.g. the English Channel, Straights of Gib etc or carrying out a suprise firt-strike on a port or anchorage. Otherwise they are just too slow for patrols and interceptions in the open ocean.

    As for making ASW in the Indian ocean interesting, quite possibly. Although the RNs ASW kit is pretty damn cutting edge and our SSNs are almost as quiet but with none of the disadvantages of an AAK with AIP or not.
  12. Wow, thats the first time I've been accused of either of those sins, not sure if I should be outraged or flattered, since some posters on here consider me to be slightly right of Attila the Hun, as for "faggot", I prefer to leave that sort of thing to Jarrod, my own orientation being for the females of our species!
  13. Diesel boats are also good for covert insertions, providing they are in the right area to begin with.

    And you are right about the abilities of the SSN v the SSK. It was a long-held belief that SSNs were unsuitable for littoral ops, but that has been proven to be a fallacy.
  14. Indeed. Russian Kilo class submarines are referred to as "black holes" by other navies. Just about everything that makes a noise can be switched off on a diesel boat. Not so on a nuclear boat where equipment needs to run constantly if you don't want the reactor to melt.

    Of course, the disadvantage is that diesel boats need to surface or snorkel to recharge their batteries. The snorkel is fairly easy to detect on radar, making the boat vulnerable. Nuclear subs are relatively noisy but they can stay submerged until the food runs out - six months in the case of a Typhoon.

    AIP is a compromise between nuclear and diesel. They're quiet like a diesel but they don't need to snorkel. They can stay submerged for about three weeks. They're also much cheaper than nuclear boats.

    The disadvantage of AIP is that you have huge tanks of explosive gas fitted to the submarine. AIP is to submarines what the Hindenburg was to aircraft. A small fire could blow your submarine to pieces. For countries willing to take this risk, AIP is seen as the poor man's nuclear propulsion.

    Germany produces AIP submarines and a number of countries have purchased them, including Israel.
  15. An awful lot of stuff on an SSN can be switched off to reduce radiated noise, and the stuff that can't is designed to run quietly and/or accousticly decoupled. Astute should be as quiet as any SSK, if not quieter.