India to raise new Mountain Division

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bullet_catcher, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. Getting ready for the fight over the water catchment area, or Himalaya's, wish I could pronounce it like that Indian bit of stuff the Beeb employs.
    Yes China and India gearing up for round two.
  2. Mountain Division ? We had one here in Scotland. 52nd Lowland. Trained from 1940-1944 to invade Norway, skis, white suits, the whole shee-bang.... finally committed to battle to clear Walcheren Island in the Schelde Estuary - most of Walcheren is 12ft BELOW sea-level.

    Only in the British Army....
  3. Royal Marines as well. Young RM officer n years at university and Beconsfield (Language School) doing 'Norwegian'.

    First posting? 45 Cdo RM the Arctic specialists? NATO Northern Flank - Norway? No. Posted to 41 Cdo RM in Malta - the NATO Southern Flank.

    PS: If we had a Mountain Division, I'll bet a year's pension it would be based in East Anglia.
  4. From Thursday's
    South China Morning Post
    Link or Liability
    China is building or has built 4 major roads to Lhasa, from Xianjia, Qinghai, Sichuan & Yunnan.
    Plus of course the 1,114 km railway, which I pointed out many a post a go can move a Mechanised division from deep inside China to Lhasa in 4 days.
    China has suggested a rail link from Lhasa to Calcutta.
    During 1971 war with Pakistan India only move troops into Bangladesh after checking that the passes over Himalayas where still blocked with snow.
    Zo when the West armies are cut down to nothing, following The To Be Declared victory in Afghanistan the New World Powers will take up the ancient game of sorting who is the big boy on the block.
  5. Weel, seeing as the chinese have sighned AND payed a lot of money to (Karsei/bush/bin laden) for the mining ore/mineral digout of northern afgoonistan (worth about $30 trillion dollers) building a road to move the shoite from afgoonistan direct to china.

    Saves having to transport thousands of tons of military hardware via pakistan to afgoonistan.


    Ah well back to the 1880's drawing board for the MOD and FO.


    MOD building = afgoonistan template discussoins.

    cs. in 1889? we had our arrse kicked.

    Ans. Mod. no we did not. it was a tactical withdrawall AND we only lost 10,000 troops.

    Most of which were scottish or welsh so no great loss.

    etc etc
  6. Stop it Old one.
    There is no way UK can ever get involved in the Great game of The North West Frontier and Afghanistan.
    Ahg what have I just said.
    No seriously get out of Ganistan and no way get involved in China's Great Adventure, we definately cann't afford it.