INDIA spends more than £2 billion on thier space program.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by oldgoat, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. So why the fcuk are we "the british tax payer" giving over £200 MILLION per year to thes wnakers in aid for schools and hospitals??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

    Pakistan is also on the list. amongst others.

    If this crap persists I shall be voting BNP/STASI at the next election.
  2. And of course dont forget the large wedge they spend on nuke weapons,while we send them cash for the poor.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    From the DfID website:

    "DFID has provided about £1045 million to India in bilateral aid over the past five years. Between 2008 and 2011 the UK will provide £825 million in aid to India."

    It does make you wonder, if we are paying this lot out, why are they spending so much on space travel? And given that India has levels of child malnutrition in general worse than sub-saharan Africa - which is REALLY saying something - you might think they'd want to sort that out first. But life is cheap out there, I'm afraid.
  4. At least when the yanks go back there will be a corner shop so they won't have to eat all that space food sh!te.
  5. will they be setting up a call centre on the moon as well instead of 118dia it will be 118moondia and will take doubley long to get through to your own bank which is less than 5 minutes away down the road.

  6. For those of you who don't know, there is currently a hugely competitive race on to colonise the moon.
    This is mainly between America and China, but Russia, India and the EU are also involved.

    The moon is the only viable alternative to destroying Earth in the search for fuel for the future and there is lots there! (Helium 3 mainly).

    If anyone else is interested.

    The moon will dominate space news for the next generation, most NASA resources are earmarked for moon landing, refinery building and colonisation.

    The Chinese have had their first space walk, don't be fooled into thinking this was just for propaganda purposes, this was a show to the world scientists that they are very close to moon landings and sent shivers up the spines' of many in the West.

    Next will be a Chinese orbital docking (Remember I said this), then they should be able to start lunar landings.
  7. The caste system is still alive and well in India, don't let all that 'world's largest democracy' bollocks fool you. The rich, high-caste elite want to take their place at the big table as befits their notions of their own status - the low-caste and poor can go fuck themselves, just so long as they do it out of sight and don't make the place look untidy.

    The WTO reckoned 40% of their population were still living as landless peasants below the poverty line as of 2000, despite 40 years of democracy and untold billions in aid and inward investment. It's pretty disgusting that they can be so blase about that level of suffering while making such a deal about national penis-extensions like this.
  8. The moon is really a unique, amazing treasure house of an infinite and inexhaustible energy source. The sunlight radiation energy that reaches the moon sphere can generate approximately 12 trillion kilowatts annually and, if three solar power plants with parallel-connection are put up on the moon, the humankind is sure to have plentiful stable solar energy.

    There is a very unique resource in the moon soil and, if it is tapped, it will meet the energy demand of the humankind for close to 10,000 years. Furthermore, the moon soil contains an isotopic element named "helium (HE) 3", which is a type of very sanitary, safe and cheap, but highly-efficient nuclear fusion fuel for power generation. The output of electricity generated by three tons of helium 3 can satisfy China's energy consumption output for a whole year.
  9. So what your trying to say is that it isn't made of cheese? :oops:
  10. 2 f ucking Billion, small potatoes in the space exploration stakes as I'm sure their first effort at a lunar module will show... back to the old drawing board lads


    The space helmet needs some work aswell to be honest, so keep that aid coming!


    And if they expect us to believe this is a "footprint from moon" then f-ucking think again.... it's a disgrace

  11. Shortfuse,
    To be honest 2Bn is quite a lot, as much technology can be bought cheaply second hand and labour is cheap.
    2Bn is small potatoes to NASA as it's a big, lumbering, bureaucratic, financial disaster area hampered by conflicting needs of government, politics and the military.

    But, you're right, they will need more.
  12. I'd say a lot more if they think THIS is going to get that huffalump to the moon

  13. Personally I find it imoral and repugnant that scum Brown and his traitorous government are willing to give so much overburdend tax payers money away to a country that obviously does not need it.

    If Indians can afford to be a nuclear power and run a space programme then they do not need a single penny from the UK.

    Meanwhile, we are constantly told the government cannot afford to support the UK properly.

    God how I hate them, every single one of the ZanuLabour Party and the idiots who voted for them.
  14. It's not so much that these countries can't afford a space programme, it's more that they can't afford not to have a space programme
  15. I do not give a toss about whether they have one or not. I object to wasting tax payers money on people who obviously do not need it.

    It is nothing to me if a million Indians starve to death next week. That is the Indian Government's problem and they obviously can afford to deal with it themselves if they can afford to be both a nuclear power and have a space programme.

    Why are we giving money away to people who do not deserve it or need it?