India signals end of aid from Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yusuf, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Something to make many over here very happy.
    but then also loose an issue to bash Indian progress like space program.

    New Delhi: Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid on Thursday signalled the country would soon stop receiving aid from Britain after holding talks with William Hague, his counterpart from London.

    The 450-million dollars that the former colonial ruler gives annually to fast-developing India has become a contentious issue for the British government, which is expected to announce shortly that the funding will be cut.

    "Aid is the past and trade is the future, so we are looking to the future," Mr Khurshid told reporters in New Delhi after meetings with Hague.

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    "We discussed a lot of trade, investment and cooperation issues and I think that is how we see our relationship grow."

    Mr Hague said he had raised the issue of aid with Indian government officials during his trip, and Britain's International Development Secretary Justine Greening was about to announce a change in government policy.

    "The governments of the UK and India are agreed on the way forward on this issue and my colleague will make a statement about this in the very near future," he said.

    British newspapers have reported that Mr Greening, who was also in India this week, would announce that the aid budget for India would be halved and then cut completely by 2015.

    Britain has made intense efforts to expand trade with India, but was stung in February when New Delhi announced a big contract to buy French warplanes instead of the UK-backed Eurofighter Typhoon.

    Even though tens of millions of Indians live in poverty, the country has enjoyed two decades of economic growth and also funds its own space programme.
  2. Good.

    Let India flourish on its own.
  3. No-one was bashing the space programme. The argument is that a nation able to embark upon that sort of project is not in need of development aid from the UK; likewise, the scale of military procurement underway in India also hints at a country which could, if it so desired, divert funds to fight povety. If the Indian govt chooses not to do so, then that's their business, the argument goes, and we therefore shouldn't be filling the gap.

    What'll happen, of course, is that the aid money will go to another nation, which is not actually what those arguing against aid to India wish to see - their aim (not entirely unreasonably, even if some of them ignore the whole argument about aid being a useful device in terms of diplomacy, trade development and possibly security) is to see a cut in DFID's budget and the savings going elsewhere (health, education, or - chance would be a fine thing- defence)
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  4. And 600 million indians still shit in the street.
    When your country has managed to introduce basic sanitation for its population, then you can lecture us about 'indian progess'.
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  5. Old news surely?

    In February we were told "India rejects aid from Britain, says it is peanuts"

    PTI Feb 5, 2012, 10.10PM IST
  6. Shit in the streets? You crack me up. Cities have all the facilities required.
  7. Most Illuminating.

    India has a space programme, which some might see as a sign of progress.

    Obviously, some xenophobes will pretend that space programmes aren't exactly rocket science.

  8. You were saying?

  9. And India will still have poor ******* (probly Dalits) diving into sewers to unblock the pipes, with no scuba kit, and no drysuit. Just the shorts the're stood in.
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  10. You mean like buying our fighter jets? Instead of, say, French fighter jets?

    Fcuk 'em all. If they are no longer in the Empire, they can fend for themselves.
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  11. Bugger off Yusuf, I've been to India!
  12. Yep, it's a fcuking hole.

    With a few who have money, and the rest can go fcuk themselves (as far as the rich are concerned).

    Ghandi must be chuffed to bits.
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  13. We will probably give the money to Scotland now!.
  14. Not too much of step down from India... :D
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