India - Sex Pest World Centre Of Excellence

What has India ever done? It's a massive cesspit on the face of the earth full of horrible people. Much like Africa.
A waste of space and oxygen, can we burn them?

If you look at your computer keyboard, on the top row, you'll see India's greatest contribution to the world - their number system. Everyone calls them "Arabic" numerals, but they originally came from India. Us ignorant Westerners got them from Arabic traders/missionaries who passed on the knowledge they'd gained from dealing with the sub-continent back when India was merely a number of usually warring states. And those shady bastards happily took the credit.
Good job you didn`t mention the colour of the bastards, coz that would be racist and you would get a slapped wrist from the usual suspects.
That's why I didn't and quite frankly their actions (or lack of progressive ones) speak louder than their race.

If India invented numbers then all calculations are wrong. The disshonest sell your mother/daughter cnuts.

12 multiplied by 3 rupees = daughters pocket.
Looks like a Saturday night up the Savoy in Glasgow.
The girl is wearing far too much clothing, and the rapey types would be twice as old if it was the Dirty S.
I was struck by how fawning our politicians were at PMQS, et al this week, describing India as vibrant and progressive and other praise - like rampant poverty, cultural gang rape, open defecation, etc. don't happen and aren't even issues.

Blinkered twats.
India is making all out effort to address it's social ills,that is why your government used the term "progressive" to describe the country.

Poverty & open defecation numbers have declined sharply in the country
Oh, you're back, are you? Got time off for good behaviour, I take it? Or are you on a tag...?

You street-shitting rapist, etc.
An interesting article on the Beeb,

The perils of travelling as a young black woman

Earth will be along later to refute this.
The women was describing her experience travelling in delhi. This doesn't mean all of India is the same.

People in certain regions of India have a skewed view of the outer world because of a limited exposure.Most of their understanding of black society and culture comes from European source which often does not paint a positive picture of the black civilization.

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