India - Sex Pest World Centre Of Excellence

Probably because a mutt is more sexually attractive than the utter munters that pass for Indian women. They are truly hanging, the lot of them.

Although the males are a good match, the street shitting, lightweight, inverted chest, rapey, backwards half-men that they are.
Should I infer a slight negative note towards citizens of the sub-continent from your post? :wink:

Mumbai: Woman chops man’s penis after he allegedly ‘tortured’ her for a few days in Dombivali | Crime News

In a shocking incident reported from Dombivali near Mumbai city, a woman cut off a man’s penis with the help of her two friends. The accused woman alleged that the 30-year-old man used to harass her and continued teasing her despite warnings.

Must have had to use a scalpel to manage to remove an Indian man's penis. Would be like scraping off a skin tag.

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