India - Sex Pest World Centre Of Excellence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cernunnos, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. frankly, I'm surprised that Earth isn't on here crowing about India's achievements in the surprise sex stakes...
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  2. India's achievements are quite amazing, with PPP (sovs left over after paying all the nations bills) expected to equal that of the USA in a decade or two they still manage to have 46% of their children suffer from malnutrition. That's a true capitalists dream!
  3. I have stayed in various Indian hotels and guest houses over the years, often they have a PC or two connected to the Internet in a room, want to find staff check that room, hoards of them around a screen looking at porn.

    Indian men have a certain leering way of going about, using any or every opportunity to brush past western women, dirty little *******.
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  4. TBH - that doesn't sound/look too different from the Arsse Naafi Bar fora.......

    Could Lord Flash really have been Ghandi in a second incarnation?
  5. He'll be along to tell us that it's all the fault of the British that Indian men behave so disgustingly. When he can tear himself away from tube8.
    The risk of rape and now that a visa to India is £82 the tourist trade may well take a knock.
  6. I have done a lot of work in India over the past 2 years... Every day in the papers all you read is rape, gang rape, rape and murder, child rape on some days there are up to ten different stories and this is in one small part of India... They make me sick... God knows how many cases there are across the whole of India...
  7. This is the contry that gave us the Karma Sutra and has a willy worshiping cult...


  8. When you have a butchers at Hinduism, it's all about rape, regardless of which particular six armed incarnation is waving multiple handfulls of pirate bollywood cds and nylon shirts at you: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, it doesn't matter, they're all rapists according to that big pile of stinking sanskrit in the corner.
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  9. Not to mention the piles of turds in the street, poverty, begging, food poisoning and general shitness of the country.
  10. Even their shrines resemble a Gateshead underpass shat mattress......
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