India running out of girls ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. India has been practicing foeticide for years now and it usually the girls that get aborted as the culture usually favours Boys , what are they going to do when there is no Indian girls left ?
    a very stupid outdated practice :roll:
  2. Go to leicester ?
  3. wrong language, wrong culture, wrong caste and not "Pure" enough as many are now following western dating practices so fewer virgins and not enough of them
  4. yeah they did seem to all congregate in 'jimmy's' a few years ago... as for not being enough of them have you been to leicester lately?
  5. Never mind that, why cant they do callcentrecide!
  6. Let's see, this practice has been going on for centuries and their population is what? Enormous, you say? Somehow I don't think they're going to run out of wimmins. :wink:
  7. As petrol is beginning to become scarce,they´re saving natural resources;Kill them now,instead of burning them alive later!

    What a mixed up country;One lot won´t wear clothes in case they crush insects,and the rest torch their wives,if the in-laws don´t pay enough dowry.

    Aparently,they believe that,if you don´t father a son,you don´t get to heaven;So, seven or eight daughters later,the long awaited son comes,and the girls are Surplus Stock! :?
  8. not enough of them in leicester? you can't move for em m8, i know, i live here!
  9. Same thing unfortunately happens in China.

    With the state sponsored one child per couple enforcement, women abort the girl babies in hopes that their next one will be a boy or just abandon them in orphanages when born.

    It's considered bad luck to have a girl as your first born. :evil:
  10. Respect other cultural beliefs

  11. agreed, you could fit loads of...errmmm....medals on that fine chest!
  12. So wher do sand n*ggers fall into the equation then?

  13. same as camel jockeys, less the camel, for example, a camel jockey can cook this, where as a sand N8gger can't
  14. Mate, incase you hadn't noticed, ours can't cook fcuk all without destroying it.

  15. I know, but she has a nice arse! anyway, I like my chicken black!!!!