India Recognizes Dolphins as Non-Human Persons

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alib, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Click click, click clickety click click click!
    Click click click click click click!
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  2. What's that Flipper? You're working in a call centre now?
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  3. Oh that's nice...perhaps one day they will recognise a toilet when they see one!
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  4. So they'll be recognising the 'untouchables' caste as non-human persons anytime soon?
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  5. Stand by for the first Dolphin rape case to go to court.
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  6. To be fair, they deserve to live more than some of the dull twats that have recently been banned from here.
  7. It's all good, dolphins shit all over where they live too
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  8. Good. The clicking cunts can pay council tax as well.

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  9. I'll bet the dolphins are so glad.
  10. Dolphin tries to rape man

    Truth stranger than fiction?
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  11. Dolphin Curry
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  12. You dirty bugger, are you depraved?

    There's no way I'd let you stick that in my blowhole!
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  13. Yes, some Tosser will be bleating about the Yumin Rite to marry their pet sheep, and indulge in petting, bonking and kissing in the High Street just the same as Human Personages indulge in after a night out on the beer....!!

    Did nanuk of the North try to blow a seal the other week....?