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India Recognizes Dolphins as Non-Human Persons



To be fair, they deserve to live more than some of the dull twats that have recently been banned from here.
Dolphin Curry
This is just one of five tempting (!) recipes for dolphin. This curry seems the one most likely to have been used by locals, although there is one recipe for dolphin casserole which calls for a bread crumb and cheddar cheese topping, a bit closer to home. Anyone wanting that recipe can contact me.
Yes, some Tosser will be bleating about the Yumin Rite to marry their pet sheep, and indulge in petting, bonking and kissing in the High Street just the same as Human Personages indulge in after a night out on the beer....!!

Did nanuk of the North try to blow a seal the other week....?


Dolphins are fucking attention whores. "Look at meeeeee! I've beached my self!"

They're also jack cunts.

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