India plans first manned space flight in 2016

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. So do we get to stick a 'part funded by the UK FCO' sticker on the side?

    India plans first manned space flight in 2016

    India's space agency is planning the nation's first manned space flight for 2016, if it gets government approval of the project budget, an official said Thursday.

    By Muneeza Naqvi, for AP in New Dehli
    Published: 11:34AM GMT 28 Jan 2010
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    India's maiden lunar mission Chandrayaan-1, which means 'Moon Craft' in ancient Sanskrit Photo: AP

    The Indian space research organisation has sought 120 billion rupees (£1.6 billion) to put two astronauts in space for a week, spokesman S Satish said.
    The government has already provided a pre-project fund of about four billion rupees (£53 million) allowing the agency to do some initial research on the space flight, he said, adding that ISRO is "hopeful" of getting the entire project approved soon so it can start making full-scale preparations.

    In October 2008, India launched Chandrayaan-1, its first satellite orbiting the moon, but had to abandon it nearly a year later after communication links snapped and scientists lost control of the satellite.

    Chandrayaan-1 put India in an elite club of countries with moon missions. Similar satellites have been launched by the United States, Russia, the European Space Agency, Japan and China.

    As India's economy has boomed in recent years, it has sought to convert its new found wealth — built on its high-tech sector — into political and military clout and stake a claim as a world leader.

    India's neighbor and rival China has been forging ahead in space and in 2003 became the first Asian country to put its own astronauts into space. It followed that in 2008 with its first spacewalk.

    India plans to follow the Chandrayaan, which means "moon craft" in Sanskrit, by landing a rover on the moon in 2011.

    India began its space program in the 1960s and since 1975 has launched more than 50 remote sensing and communication satellites of its own and 22 for other nations, Satish said.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    It'll be good for those poor folks eating soya and supplements on the international space station to get a nice ruby for a change.
  3. When you say "part funded",how big a part are we funding?
  4. Well, we bung India over £800 million in aid each year.

    Now, being as how they are putting men on the moon, there are obviously no poor people in India no more so that FCO aid must be for spaceships rather than wells.
  5. No chance feller. The ruby, in the form of a high energy vindaloo, is what's powering the damned rocket to get it off the ground. Nothing but low density popadoms for the baltinauts to eat I'm afraid to say.
  6. Is there no place safe nowadays !!!!!, there will be asylum seekers near the moon soon.
  7. 2016? About 5 hours and 40 mins to go, they better get cracking.
  8. First Tandoori in space?

    How about a name competition for it?
  9. According to Hansard & FCO website. In 2009 it was £800m over 3 years.

    hmmm, same amount as those Dole over payments.
  10. But they'll have to wait til the paddys builds some roads up there before they can put their corner shops on it :D
  11. Presume three astronauts in the capsule and another twenty riding on the roof?
  12. 48% of Indian children are malnourished. There is famine in some parts of the country. The Indian Communist Party is already running some Indian states. Many of the biggest Indian companies pay no tax at all while the government hoses money at 'prestige' projects.

    As a popular beat combo once said 'I predict a riot'.
  13. So lets get this right we are giving India less that £1 per person every 3 years, bl**dy generous aren't we (2001 population was 1,028,610,328)

    I reckon that by 2016 India will have become more powerfull than China ecconomically, they are already catching up fast, and more frighteninly for us they are really eyeing up the high tech markets.
  14. They take money from us because they're poor.

    They spend their own money on space rockets because they can afford it.

    We shut down the TA last year to save £20 Million, but we can give India £266M a year? Sorry, post-colonial guilt only goes so far. Ooh, it do make I cross.