India plagued by telephone sales calls

Hahahahah, I hope the bastard suffers just like the rest of us. May he like the bed he made and lie in it and shut the hell up about it.

I may have just regained religion as there clearly is a god.
I've had two marketing calls already this morning. One from India and the other from the Philippines (from what I can gather). Both to my (work) mobile.
Divine retribution indeed. I bet he still took the loan though
If only there were some way we consumers could make this sort of marketing unprofitable for the organisations...

I can't say I begrudge the poor sod on the end of the phone - everybody's got to earn a crust - but so long as money can be made by doing it then some prick in a suit will think it a good business model regardless of its effect on my blood pressure.
Call me uncouth, but I feel fully authorized to be downright abusive to these people. I know I'm getting it right when their supervisors call me back to complain. Happened twice so far.
Ah, so there is justice in this world:) lol

Must be karma:)

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