India needs to prepare for war with China and Pakistan

@earth go on. What do you think providing it is in a none partisan way?
An Indian Von Schliffen plan, with a short sharp blow aimed at the Pakistani's while the northern front clings on for grim death against the PLA in the mountains with the airwar being the deciding factor?
India Vs Pakistan Vs China?
Well, the rest of humanity might have to learn how to survive without call centres, endemic child abusers and pound shops by the mile but apart from that....meh.


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Fairly interesting scenario actually - pretty much a peer vs peer conflict, as far as numbers and maybe technology are concerned.
Might be getting closer. India ramping up diplomatic pressure on Pakistan.

'More than 40 Indian paramilitary personnel have been killed and many more injured in the deadliest attack in Kashmir in two decades, when a suicide car bomb struck a convoy of police vehicles. With an election looming in India, a recent surge in violence in the heavily militarised region threatens to spill over into increased unrest and retaliatory action by Indian forces.'

Car bomb in Kashmir kills more than 40 paramilitary personnel

'The United States has told India it supports its right to defend itself against cross-border attacks, the government said on Saturday, as New Delhi considers retaliation against a car bombing in disputed Kashmir claimed by Pakistan-based militants.'

U.S. backs India's right to defend itself after Kashmir attack | Reuters
Now what was that old maxim about fighting a war on two fronts?

Just to be serious for a moment, all three countries need to consider that their economies will be totally rooted as a result of such a war, especially Pakistan which at the moment is enjoying unprecedented economic growth but the other two will also suffer badly.
India must be seriously deluded if they think they can go against the Chinese. Even with Pakistan, it won't be pretty. No real wars ever are. Especially when there are nukes involved.


Well if India does get wiped off the map, this won't happen anymore.


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Well we do need to get the population down somehow, what is it? Approaching 7 billion now isn’t it? Every little helps as Tesco says....
World War III in the making. Pakistan will get totalled.
Yes but in their death throws unleash their 50 remaining buckets (Supposed to have 150 ish) of instant sunshine on those Indian cities they want to total.

Might be a good thing , cleans the streets of centuries of shite.

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