India launches its first ballistic missile nuclear submarine

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Jul 26, 2009.

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  2. **** a stoat, the seas will soon be stiff with nuke subs. No room for whales or dolphins in tomorrows oceans!
  3. My taxes hard at work. Beautiful!

    Why do they need our aid again? Space program or Nukes? I forget.
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  4. How much aid do they get of us?
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Lots and lots of money to help the poor of India - thanks Broon.

    Realpolitik might suggest that we like India, India likes us, and it may suit us for India to turn Pakistan into a wasteland at some point in the future. Deniability old bean, deniability.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    And I would suggest that this amount is dwarfed by remittances sent to India by immigrants.
  7. Yup, even more cash drain out of the UK.
    Never mind, its good for the economy....

    Fortunatly, everyone knows our own nuclear deterent is no longer needed and the cash we can save by not renewing Trident can be sent abroad in aid to help the Indians build their own nukes
  8. Call centres?
  9. Sub Dog Billionaire
  10. So what? They (immigrants) are sending their own money. The government is sending ours. WTF is government thinking?

    Good luck to India, it is good to see them progress. But the poor in India is India's problem, not ours.
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  11. 20th of Jan 2008.

    £825 million aid package (over three years) announced for India.

    Alledgedly to help the poor of India.

    Meanwhile India...

    Launches an SSN (is it a SSBN?), with intentions to launch a second (this one will be a SSBN) in about 7 years.

    Currently operates HMS Hermes (as was) but is building a 40,000 ton Aircraft Carrier. (keel laid 28 Feb 2009)

    As of 2007 they had 17 reactors providing power to the country.

    And have nuclear weapons for launch from aircraft or missiles.

    Oh and they have a space programme.

    So £825 million over three years from a country, with smaller aircraft carriers, probably no SSBNs or nukes at the rate we're going, no space programme, and (at the moment 24 reactors).
  12. Despite advocating trickle down economics, I will vote for Cameron and expect a little improvement; but he will be starting on the back foot.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    That's my point. The government does need to s(p)end this money.