India invents curry grenade

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bullet_catcher, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. To be used in conjunction with a lager grenade?

    Put me down for one. The wife will stick to a korma.
  2. Only to be used afer 2300hrs
  3. It's deadly and leaves the injured in a korma.

    I'm here all week folks.
  4. The milder korma version will be used for training.

  5. Nothing new, hot spices have been used as weapons for centurys, try it your self, put half a dozen Scotch Bonnet chillies in a blender with a pint of water, and strain the liquid into a "Super soaker"water pistol,Christ it hurts when it hits, poormans Mace/CS
  6. I like the sound of that!

    Mycota foot powder used to be a good weapon in barracks, is it still issued?
  7. A Chilli/Spice Grenade would certainly be on a par with CS/CN.

    I added a story in "Pull Up a Sandbag" about a time when myself and another Barrack Orphan inadvertently filled up the block with a potent Chilli Smoke after burning some red hot chillies in a pan, the only way we could get back in the block was by donning our S10's 8O
  8. Bugger. I have always had the ability to turn curry into a hand grenade the morning after.

    I should have patented the process....


  9. I got zapped by it in when I got caught up a riot in Nigeria, the rioters were armed with water pistols and in trying to get back to the hotel got sprayed, my face was in a right state,for about a week,they almost crapped when I turned up at Heathrow looking like a lepper,almost didn't let me back in
  10. How does he post it? Do you Pasanda it under the door? Or is that Phall too dangerous?
    Maybe Dupiaza to kick the door in first? Balti may have to do it another way?

    I hope the entry method is correct, wouldn't want the grenadier to get in a pickle. Then again it's naan of my business.
    Either way, a dead terrorist makes for a happy chapti.
  11. Wot tropper sez. A couple of months ago I was having a couple of days RnR in BKK and was striding along Sukhumvit road on my way to Nana Plaza to meet a mate in that Irish pub there Branagans. or Flanagans or something like that. Anyhoo, turning into the road to Nana P, I had to skirt a couple of roadside eatery stalls right at the moment that some bird threw a handful of chillies into a wok full of hot oil. A light breeze brought the smoke to me just as was taking breath. Jeeeeeeeeezus H! Memories of the annual NBC training sprang to mind as my lungs were paralyzed by the acrid chilli smoke. I can honestly say that it wasnt far off as bad as CS. I staggered into Bran/Flan agans with eyes streaming and it took 5 pints of Guinness before my breathing sorted itself out.
  12. On a similar not, I worked with a company in the Niger Delta and they had a problem with the local community. The community tried to take control of a crane on the site but the Nigerian crane operator was refusing to leave the cab. They poured in chopped up chillies and water over him. He only got out a couple of days later but had nasty burns all over his body.