India initiates rail route plan through Central Asia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rayc, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. Rayc

    Rayc RIP


    The Chahbahar port, that India built in Iran, will become a hub.

    It will permit moving of goods to countries North of Afghanistan and who knows how that gets funnelled into Afghanistan for the ISAF. It is obviously to Iran's advantage that the Pakistan (Sunni) based Taliban does not get an upper hand at the expense of the minority Shias in Afghanistan!

    Conjecture, but then there are many oddities that occur in foreign policy.

    In this context this is report is of interest:

    There is no way India can transport anything for ISAF except through Iran to countries North of Afghanistan as 'innocent' goods (so as to not raise Iranian hackles) and then to ISAF!

    So long as it contains Pakistani supported Taliban, Iran will have no qualms or so one believes!
  2. The railroad wont benefit ISAF - they'll be gone by the time the railroad is up and running.
    So I'm wondering if India will merely be funding the construction of a railroad which will ultimately only be of benefit to China when they start to exploit Afghanistan's mineral wealth?
  3. Up and running by 2013? ^_^
  4. This may be a strategic wet dream too far, even for your usually wild rantings.

    Transport goods to ISAF via Iran!!!!!!!??????????

    Even if they did do that (lets pretend to go crazy for a second!), why would India be seen as vital for this?

    You may also want to tell the Iranians India built the port. They have been using it since 1981

    If you are going to bullshit the whole forum again, can the next attempt bear some relation to reality?
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  5. Calm down Ots, step away from the crack pipe. Can't you contribute without insulting people? Your diatribes against Indians posting on this site are beginning to sound like racist rants.
  6. I think I would give rayc the benefit of being better informed about things Indian/Pakistani seeing as he is native to sub continent and a former serving officer of rank, whereas you Motc are merely an insulting twerp of no fixed ambition only to appear only to be knowlegeable when the reverse is true. Carry on please RAYC.
  7. Where was I racist? I am not the one passing off fanboy fantasies as realistic strategy. If ISAF are seriously looking to resupply themselves via Iran when the US has sanctioned said country to the hilt and you think thats reasonable, then I will stick to the crack if thats ok.
  8. Just read that and you actually fail to make a point I can reasonably answer, so other then insulting you back I really cannot be arsed. If that's all the same to you.
  9. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    ISAF's new plan for Afghanistan

    March 22, 2012

    In his testimony to Congress yesterday, General Allen gave some insight into a new East Afghanistan plan. Operations would still be conducted there, but they would be on a smaller scale and they would entail taking higher risk for the rest of the country.

    A smaller-scale operation in East Afghanistan (RC-East)

    East Afghanistan (RC-East) can be divided into two regions. "Northern" RC-East includes the provinces of Kunar, Nuristan, Laghman, and Nangarhar. "Southern" RC-East includes the provinces of Khost, Paktika, Paktia, Logar, Wardak, and Ghazni.

    ISAF's new plan for Afghanistan - The Long War Journal
  10. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    US warns India, Pak over Iran pipeline
    US warns India, Pak over Iran pipeline - Indian Express

    India Set To Be Bigger Player In Afghanistan NATO Transport?

    The U.S. military might rely on India as a way of getting equipment in and out of Afghanistan if Pakistan doesn't cooperate, a senior military official has said. The official, Marine Lt. Gen. Frank Panter, deputy commandant for installations and logistics, testified at a Congressional hearing on Thursday and was asked about the U.S.'s plans if Pakistan doesn't soon start to allow U.S. and NATO supplies to again transit that country. He said India would be part of the solution, according to a report from the Press Trust of India.
    Pakistan |

    India replaces China as Iran's top oil client
    India replaces China as Iran's top oil client | Reuters

    ISAF's new plan for Afghanistan
    ISAF's new plan for Afghanistan - The Long War Journal


    Call it conjectures, reading the tea leaves or the Tarot Card.

    Check the successive events.

    India requires oil and gas badly.

    It goes into an agreement with Iran and Pakistan for a pipeline.

    US warns India. India backs off.

    India, which is a friend of Iran, votes against Iran and along with the US on the Nuclear issue at the UN.

    Yet, inspite of US warning all not to trade with Iran as sanctions have been imposed, India becomes the largest Iran oil importer. It is worth note that India had to toe the US line on the crucial pipeline from Iran as also vote against Iran on the nuclear issue and yet becomes the largest Iran oil importer! A paradox!

    And the US General in charge of logistic states The U.S. military might rely on India as a way of getting equipment in and out of Afghanistan if Pakistan doesn't cooperate,

    How can India help getting equipment in and out of Afghanistan when India has no direct land route, except through Pakistan? If it is by airlift by USAF with India provided the airfield, then that cannot overfly Pakistan or Iran. So how? And which is cheaper, airlift from US leased bases in CAR or from India over Arabian Sea, Kuwait, Iraq and thence over CAR and to Afghanistan? So, is the US General talking through his hat?

    True, there will be the drawdown, but then if one kept abreast with the events one would have known that a new plan is being put in place by the US.

    They will have to be supplied!

    So, what is the option to supply the force in the new Plan if Pakistan does not allow transit?

    Maybe someone who claims he is knowledgeable, could educate!
  11. Again, sorry to bring reality crashing down here. Explain exactly how India could resupply ISAF in Afghanistan? I take it your basic understanding of geography realises the current routes (flying over the CARs or Middle East and over Pakistan) are much shorter then sending supplies and equipment to India and then transporting them? You do realise what you are actually suggesting would mean 1) They would still have to overfly Pakistan (no different o waht they are doing now b) Would take much longer c) Would be more expensive?????????

    But do carry on with the Tarot cards. Wonder what they will bring up next. Maybe India being chosen to provide fighters for the RAF? India chosen as grand proctor of the middle east oil fields perhaps? India invading Australia eventually for more "living space"!?
  12. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    If you could set aside your rancour and bile aside for a while and read, then you would have realised.

    Your irrational hate is blinding you!

    Forgive me, this indicates you have not read a thing and flown off a handle since you have an agenda and you are not too delighted with your compatriots putting you in your place.

    I have not suggested anything you are ascribing to me.

    You seem a bit befuddled and muddled!

    In case you are still in doubt, do contact US Marine Lt. Gen. Frank Panter, deputy commandant for installations and logistics. He is the author of the idea!

    I shall not respond any further since I find you are not seized with the issues or have any idea of geography or current affairs or what is happening around the world!

    Note how juvenile and irrelevant you can get/

    Your bile erupts since your logic and knowledge floats in a vacuum unable to find expression!
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  13. Link to where he specifically states that?
  14. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    I make an exception.

    It has been stated in most of the posts of mine, but here it goes again:

    Any idea how else India could help getting equipment in and out of Afghanistan if Pakistan doesn't cooperate?

    or how would India be part of the solution?

    I take it that you are an Afghanistan war veteran and would know more than that pen pusher,US Marine Lt. Gen. Frank Panter, deputy commandant for installations and logistics.

    But sadly, it is these pen pushers who take decision and not you, brilliant that you are!

    Cato said - An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes.
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  15. The Great Game is being played again, but who are the real players? Train to catch... seriously... but will catch up with thread tomorrow.