India - How arrogant can a country's population get?


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Doubtless the victims were of a lower caste.

Either that or the onlookers didn't want to their sandals (any more) turd-encrusted.
For deaths in China they have a 'selfie capitol' I don't know what the figure is in that city, but it in excess of one hundred. They are well ahead of 'Incredible India'
Recently offered a move to Delhi as we expand with world domination plans and partner with Tata.
It was precisely 2 hours after accepting new role after being headhunted by local company .
I literally laughed at the CEO and said No, not a chance.
The twats face had me laughing every time I pictured it.
I wonder why India has so many accidents?
An IAF Wing Commander, on an ACSC a long, long time ago, observed to the rest of his syndicate that the problem was that if everyone worked on the premise that if it was their day to die/be hideously injured in an accident it was their day to die/be hideously injured in an accident, then so be it.

'If we're driving and a cow wanders into the road, and the choice is hitting the cow or running over the school children on the pavement, my countrymen know that the parents of the children will understand,' he said with a rather sad smile. I think he was probably destined for the very top of the service, but after reaching a point where he stopped flying, he left and set up his own (successful) business.

He concluded that until someone managed to convince his countrymen that accidents were, in fact, avoidable and not necessarily down to fate, it'd never change - 'Which is why I take unbelievably exquisite care with my pre-flight checks, I can tell you...'

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