India Hammer England

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by slipperman, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. As expected, India have totally dominated England on the first 2 days of the Oval Test match.
    I know they won the toss and it is a flat pitch, but what has really p*ssed me off today is that we have allowed their tail enders to bat us out of the game! Even Kumble scored a century! (that said, well played Sir).
    What is the chance of our batsmen from No.7 onwards doing something similar?
    As for Strauss and his attacking shot at the end - aaaaaargggghhhh!!
  2. As #expected by who? The game is a long way from over yet and anything can happen , that's the beauty of test matches.
  3. They should bin Strauss. He seems to excel in giving his wicket away at times when it really counts. I was dreading England having to go out and face the Indian attack just because Strauss seems to crumble under pressure. Shame Trescothick looks like he's out for good or at least the foreseeable future as he'd be great right about now.
  4. All I can say is thank goodness Jaffar and Ganguly didn't really get going!

    Never kick a man when he is down, but Prior is simply not up to the task. I don't mean wicket-keeping at Test level, I mean behaving on a cricket pitch. Where did we find him? Playing oikball in the lower divisions yes, but cricket .......?

    I blame the super oik Bliar!!!
  5. He has much to be blamed for, but I think even I would draw the line at blaming Bliar for Matt Priors inclusion in the Test team! :D
    Prior is one of Moore's "chosen men", so he's not likely to be dropped for some time, even if he does continue to drop clangers. No change to the previous regime really, where Fletcher persisted with one of his own favourites (Geraint Jones) and treated Chris Read like a piece of dog turd.
    What really grips me at the moment is that complete dork David Graveney is still on the scene - I thought the recent review was meant to clean out all the deadwood? Get rid of Graveney and replace him with Sir Ian Botham or (Sir) Geoffrey Boycott.
    The jury is still out on Peter Moores as Coach and he seems OK; but I think we missed a trick not offering the post to Tom Moody.
    Anyway, on a positive note, I'm looking forward to another ton from the skipper today and a double century from KP! :D
  6. I think that we are getting a little in front of ourselves here. England are a more than decent test side. We were extremely unlucky not to get a result in the first test, and arguably lost the second test on the toss of a coin. The track at the Oval is a pure batting wicket.
    And Prior dropped a couple. So what ? He isn't the first and won't be the last wicketkeeper to make an error or two. Give him time, he is still settling in to test cricket.
  7. Well hopefully we will see what he can do with a bat again like against the WI, with 4 down and still 500 behind we need something.
  8. Guru,
    I agree with your comments, but in respect of Matt Prior, I do feel sorry for him and any other wicketkeeper at the moment. As soon as they drop a couple of catches, let a few byes whizz past and combine that with a run of low scores, the axe is poised. What do we want from our keeper? Is it a useful batsman who keeps a bit or is it a top rate wicketkeeper who grabs a few scores now and then? I would suggest most of the current fancied crop are in the first category (Prior, Jones, Davies, Pothas & Ambrose) and only a couple are in the second category (Reid and possibly Foster). Unfortunately the likes of Stewart and Gilchrist don't come around too often!
    Anyway, back to the thread and I am not pleased to say it, but my somewhat premature heading may well come true unless KP and the rest (including Prior!) dig in. =( Come on!
  9. Oh. Dear.
  10. Dear me. Prior was horrific...not entirely sure why he bothered to turn up...going to be a hard slog...

  11. Thanks for gentlemanly reply. However, I must take an issue with you regarding the 'super oik', the 'grinning spiv', I refer to T.Bliar.

    He was the original 'chav' - an oik by inclination so well developed he even married a female oik.

    This man's example has generated more oikism than can be imagined. Open neck shirt, call me Tony (break whilst I vomit), I'm just an ordinary guy - Fettes and Oxford (so ordinary!!). What, if I lived a dozen lifetimes I cannot understand is how he was elected - not once, not twice, but thrice!

    I was called to account recently for questioning the wisdom on enfranchising 'all and sundry'. (Even as this preposterous administraion is considering allowing 16 year olds to vote! Got to be 18 to smoke though!).

    There really ought to be an intelligence test to qualify one to vote!!

    Will not happen of course, because Liarbour relies upon the unwashed and illiterate to win elections - I know what I have just typed and yes, I believe it. Why do you think Bliar said - 'education, education, education'? What he meant was make the system so bad that nobody will be able to think or make decisions.



    Make your choice.
  12. Today couldn't have gone much better for England. I was more than a little surprised when the Indians didn't enforce the follow on.

    444 to win, 1 day left, and 10 wickets standing. We are 1 down in the series, and I say go for it ! What is to lose?
  13. Totally agree with you and we have the batters to do it if they can all shine and dont just prod away. Id rather get done over 2-0 going for it instead of a boring go for a draw and lose 1-0

    Come on the lads.

    Will Silverwood have a bat if neccessary.
  14. Yep, Let's go for it. Couldn't believe Dravid didn't enforce the follow on yesterday and he also batted like he was sleepwalking. :sleepy:
    I have a day off, so I am settling down to watch the final day. If we can get through to lunch without losing a wicket (or maybe only 1) we should really have a go at it this afternoon. Like you say, we have nothing to lose.
    By the way, Iron, was that a Wah regarding Silversidebottom?! :D
  15. No it was brain fade and old age you knew who I meant :oops: