India buys Rafale

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Odo_de_StAmand, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. P45s all round at waste-of-space,then.
  2. Personally, I am not surprised. India's got a fairly big fleet of Mirage 2000s (60+ ?), so buying Rafale makes sense in terms of the support package from Dassault. Also, the Indian AF are used to operating French aircraft. The way things are going with the F-35, the FAA might become used to operating French aircraft too ;-)
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  3. No they have not bought it, yet, it is not a done deal at this time and more horse trading is yet to be done. India wants Typhoon but will dicker about pricing while threatening to buy Frog stuff, classic.
  4. It doesn't really bother me if they buy French or British.

    What does bother me is that a country that needs so much aid (from Britain and others) is buying these things in the first place.

    $10bn bill for these things? You telling me they could do with out a few and only spend $9bn, with the remainder going on their own poor? Or a space station.
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  5. Why? He's only rated second in the ATP world rankings. They should have bought Novak instead.
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  6. So the French had more brown envelopes than the Eurofighter consortium. All those Indian "Systems Integrators" won't bribe theirselves you know!
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  7. My shares will take a hit on the back of that news, as BAE is known here: Big Arrogant Expensive.

    Maybe Pakistan will buy some, or perhaps another massive export like Austria for what, 8 aircraft? Ireland? Isle of Man? Jamaica?

    What a joke, FFS.
  8. Strange how we give India aid, they buy French aircraft to put on their carrier and we don't have any aircraft on our carrier(s), and won't have for a long time.

    If this isn't proof that we shouldn't be spending our money on aid for countries like India, I don't know what is.

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  9. Thats stupid! everyone knows Leonardo is best.
  10. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    so the indians are buying a working fighter as well as working carriers. good on them I say, maybe they can retake the falklands for us for old times sake with some of their harriers :)
  11. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    they shouldnt get damaged though should they? by all accounts 4 or 5 typhoons should be able to defeat the entire PAF while still over the indian ocean then give thier army a kicking at 40,000 feet while in ground attack mode.
  12. Could one of the reasons be the fact that the Rafale actually has an in-production naval option, while the EFT naval variant is just an idea in somone's mind?

    Maybe I am just stating the obvious.

    Just curious, how does the Rafale stack up against the EFT? From what I know/ heard, apparently the Rafale is better at ground attack roles, compared to the EFT which seems to be more of an air superiority fighter. Since the Indians already have the SU-30MKI for that aspect (which seems to be very maneuverable, hence good at dogfighting/ air superiority), the Rafale could actually be a better choice logically for them to choose (for fighting with their friendly neighbors), because it looks like a more capable multi-role aircraft.

    This is just my opinion from my very limited/ possibly incorrect knowledge regarding both the fighters.

    Perhaps, someone with a bit more knowledge care to elaborate?
  13. I think some of that money did flow back into your country. ;P

    BBC News - BAE Systems signs Indian Hawk jet deal
  14. Oh dear. A bit of a kick in the balls for the UK defence industry and I would expect to see a few more jobs lost at BAE and throughout the supply chain as a result. So much for export led recovery, at least we are spared Cameron and Hammond crowing about 'creation of jobs'.

    As I understand it, Rafale won on price, the Eurofighter was seen as a very capable jet but was too expensive.

    Having lost out in the Japan competition to the F-35 things are not looking good for the Eurofighter consortium in terms of exports. I believe BAE are flogging a small number to Oman, however.