India attempts to destroy itself

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 25, 2007.

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  2. But will you get nuts?....or pretzels?

    "tea or coffee, sir?"
  3. Errm... This from the same story:

    So how does "VT" stand for "Viceroy's Territory"? Only India had a Viceroy. The other territories mentioned had/have Governors or Governors-General.
  4. Perhaps it was that the allocation of the series 'V' originated with India.

    Strikes me that India needs to do her homework a bit better; 'Asked for C and I, only to find that those series' had been issued to China and Italy'. Well, duuh. These are international codes for crying out loud.

    'Designed a new flag but disappointed to find that white with a red cross had been already taken’….

    ‘Do you like our new car company? General Motors we are calling it. We think it has a nice ring to it. What’s that?... No… Surely not’
  5. A mate of mine, New Zealander went to Mumbai the other year and asked a taxi driver for Mumbai Main Railway Station.
    The driver who spoke good English said No such place.
    My friend persisted and eventually says Bombay Railway Station.
    Ah Yes Shaib.
  6. Either this is yet another example of sloppy reporting or the Indian policticians have added 2 and 2 and come up with the answer, 5. :roll:

    VT has never stood for "Viceroy's Territory". The whole V series with the exception of VN (allocated in the 1990's to Vietnam) and VS (briefly allocated to Brunei from 1983 to 1984), ran from VH (Australia) through VO, VP, VQ, VR and VT (India) was allocated in 1929 to countries that were in the British Empire with the exception of Canada who was allocated CF, New Zealand who was allocated ZK and South Africa who was allocated ZS.

    This had followed on from a system introduced in July 1919 as a result of the International Air Navigation Convention in Paris in which International registration marks were first allocated to civil aircraft. Between 1919 and 1929, the countries in the British Empire was allocations within the G series, i.e G-Exxx for Great Britain, G-CAxx for Canada, G-AUxx for Australia, G-Ixxx for India etc, etc.

    It's only in a relatively few cases, mainly where the registration letters were allocated in 1919 and they were kept after 1929, that the letters actually had any relationship to the countries to which they were allocated. These include D for Germany (Deutschland), F for France, G for Great Britain and I for Italy.

    Now, can I take my anorak off please? :D
  7. Thanks Fatcivvy. You've saved me a lot of typing.