India asks for aid to be stopped and DfID refuses?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. This is just an embarassment for HMG. Given the popular perception in India tends to be that we ruled the country as dictators and bled it try of its natural wealth for 200 years it is not altogether surprising that they do not look favourably upon trade agreements with us. Quietly drop the aid - there are plenty of other ex-colonies we could assist.
  2. They can give the cash to me. I'll even pretend to build a space rocket, and flip the odd quid to a homeless joe-daki if it helps?
  3. Rather than going to other colonies, i'd prefer it just for shits and giggles, it went to a country that needs a cash injection as it's close to becoming a third world country. Looking at my atlas i believe it's called the UK
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  4. We are sending money to India? Why? Should it not be the other way round?
  5. Why don't we cut out the middle man and just send them peanuts instead of money? Then they could feed their starving instead of building nuclear weapons or orbital satellites.
  6. We should send them back-dated issues of Razzle 1992 through to 2004. This way the local population may realise that it's not acceptable for their ladies to have sideys longer than Elvis' and hairy quims. The mingers.
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  7. £250 million a year eh? I bet there are countries in Africa that would rip our arm off for that! Nice of them to give money away to people who don't want it, whilst we are in a financial poo poo ourselves. Not to mention it's all taxpayer's dosh. Can I stop paying my tax until they stop this aid?

    ps. AND they didn't even manage to sell the bloody Typhoon, the useless pillocks...
  8. If they don't want it, why the **** are we still sending it? Have these useless ***** in Westminster not pinged that we are in a crisis and need that money ourselves? ******* *******. Cameron should be called to explain what the **** he's doing, the ****.
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  9. I wonder how much of the £3bn budget the DFID has is pissed away on stuff like this?
  10. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Is anyone surprised? I mean, really?
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  11. As I'm seriously considering moving my business to the sub-continent, I hope DfID keep it up; I can work with the locals there far more easily than with the parochial retards in Cornwall.
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  12. And if it's just meant as a palm greaser the Dassault contract has shown that it's either not enough or they don't care. Either way the imbecile politicians of this country need to stop big timing at our expense.
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  13. Good for the Indian Government for blowing the whistle on this on-going scandal of UK Gov. sponsored racketeering by UK NGO's and aid industry players. As Rayc indicated on his excellent contributions to the 'India might buy French jets' thread, UK aid is not needed nor effective and now we know the Indians even tried to stop the waste, I cannot imagine our own crew doing the same.

    After Kosovo DFID (where it did superb, highly responsive work), was effectively captured by the 'humanitarian aid' industry who convinced a very over promoted minister Clair Short that the most efficient way to STOP BABIES STARVING!!!! was to aggregate all spending through a very small group of established players with knowledge on the ground etc. like Oxfam, the admin costs being approx. 75% per pound in real terms. This NGO core has been empire building and entrenching its position ever since.

    Like any major industry, the Aid one spends massive amounts lobbying Government and the public, it also attends all of the same dinner parties as the 'political elite' so the resistance to any change is going to be massive. No one wants to be accused over the Chilean sea bass that it is not doing enough to STOP BABIES STARVING!!!! As the article says our Government would rather waste billons than be embarrassed, even begging the Indians to take the cash and keep quiet.

    It is notable in the article that The junior development minister, Alan Duncan, said last week that cutting off British aid to India “would mean that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people, will die who otherwise could live.” Which obviously to any thinking person is a regurgitation of a hysterical NGO press release: STOP BABIES STARVING!!!! Deeply patronising to a major developing country who is also could be a good friend to the UK.

    I hope that India's honest and mature approach to this helps unravel the entire rotten edifice of UK Aid, but I doubt it, DFID and the Lib Cons will be laying smoke big time, cannot disturb the Nottinghill and Islingtion social calander by pulling out of dinner parties because your a baby killer.

    PS I was impressed when India rebuffed the then UK Foreign Secretary David Banana Boy Milliband who turned up to meetings in India looking and behaving like a Marxist student. And I believe that it was the Indian Military who told BAE/ EDS that if they wanted to sell war planes and kit to India they had to stop using German salesmen and send Brits instead who had a shared Military culture, quite.
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  14. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    I am afraid, as usual you people assume what you want to assume.

    Who told you that India has no special relations with the UK?

    It is not a popular perception that the UK ruled like dictators and bled India white.

    The second part is historical and true, but is there any grudge being held against UK?

    As far as being dictators, which colonial power has been benign? Compared to other colonial power, Britain has sure been benign, contrary to your perception, Indians are aware of it.

    As far as trade is concerned, do you expect India not to go for the best product and the best price and not go to Britain, if the best product and the best price is not being given by Britain. One must understand market economics.

    In so far as the British aid is concerned, I have myself said on forum, that it should not be given, more so when Britain itself is in dire straits.
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