India all set to develop reusable rockets

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yusuf, May 11, 2012.

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  1. After the successful launch of Agni-V Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), India is all set to develop reusable rockets which will combine the technologies of both ballistic and cruise missiles.
    As part of plans to develop reusable ballistic missiles, Defence Research and Development Organisation will test indigenously developed scram jet engine next year, DRDO Chief VK Saraswat said in an interview to Doordarshan.
    "We have propulsion technology, we have re-entry technologies, we have the technology which can take a re-entry system which will deliver a payload and have yet another re-entry system which will bring the missile back when it re-enters the atmosphere on its return journey," he said.
    "We have demonstrated the performance of a scram jet engine operating at Mach six speed (six times the speed of sound)," he said.
    On the range of Agni-V missile which was scuccessfully test-fired recently off Odisha coast, the DRDO chief said with moderate modifications, "it can be extended to any range which is of our interest."
    On technological capability available with the agency, he said, "DRDO has built the necessary technologies, production infrastructure and design capability for developing a booster or a sustainer... We have the capability to develop a re-entry nose cone which can withstand higher temperature and velocity."

    India all set to develop reusable rockets: DRDO chief - India - DNA
  2. Is the UK working hard to maintain trading links - after all we export aerospace components, sub asemblies, and parts?
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    To which country?

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  5. Reusable, so it flies through space to Islamabad, or Peking, reduces the place to a glowing pile of shit and then flies home! That's green for you....
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    Is that what it means?!

    Double Wow!
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  7. Damn good job India doesn'ypt need any aid!
  8. Yeah, I was thinking that, or on the lines of pressing the button and then rolling up to the devastation to ask for your rocket back so you can use it again.
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    The Agni rocket - that would be the "Fire" rocket then......
  10. Bodes well for Guy Fawkes night though. Only need to buy one set of rockets during your lifetime. How cool is that?

  11. Yeah, we exported you Sterlings around 40 years ago which you still use, so we must be getting something right.....

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  12. Any good against bees?
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  13. Approved re-usable latex condoms would be useful
  14. This site is rapidly becoming the Indian Army Rumour Service. Can we have some more Indian threads to hurry it up on its way please?
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  15. You beat me to it.