India a biblical type disaster

Meanwhile, Bradford is heading for a third spike thanks to folks fleeing the sub continent, routing through turkey to avoid quarantine, then reassimilating with their cousins.
Seen riding through the smog from the numerous open funeral pyres...
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Just a quick reminder of how a modern western nation does the same thing
The BBC has fact checked things and its worse than we thought:
It seems it's only looking as though it's peaked because they aren't testing as much.
I assume if you pass/fail the test (??) they assure you that you are in fact alive and send you home?

"This happened during the previous peak, in September, too," World Health Organization (WHO) consultant and economist Dr Rijo John says.
"When India was about to touch 100,000 cases per day, the testing rates fell."

And he's a Doctor and a Consultant (of Economics) for the WHO so he knows all about smoking and sugary drinks viruses. Ok all his published stuff is about tobacco and sugary drinks but I read Chicken Hawk years ago and I'm pretty sure I could fly a Huey.

See that peak in September, its huge?

Oh hang on that's December to the 9th Jan....and the UK.

I'm the same, it seems to defy all that is logical.
Indeed. 'Just popping down the river for a wash luv... and a shit.'
It's simply too many people living in poverty and so the great cull has began.
Nature will sort this one way or another.
Other overpopulated third world shitholes take note.


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Has Jasmine Alibah-Brown commented on the situation in India yet?
Last year, you couldn’t get her off the TV, as she slagged off the British Government for its ‘woeful’ response to Covid and urged them to “look at India as a good example of how to deal with the Pandemic”.
What, she hasn’t said anything yet? What a surprise. :roll:
Probably can't gert a decent Wifi signal in the country she moved to after Boris won the elec....oh, hang on!
It has reached Nepal:

And from an Everest-bound climbing leader (via FB) yesterday,
It has reached Nepal:

And from an Everest-bound climbing leader (via FB) yesterday, it has reached Everest Base Camp.

Morning @retread2,
From recent local 'comic'...

...and yesterday's.

The former king of Nepal and his missis were at the recent Kumbh Mela and went down with it.
Had a 'positive test', flown to hospital where it was a false positive and sent on his way?
Bit excessive.
Or is it media hysteria and poor reporting and he was actually sick with something?
There is growing evidence that COVID-19 could be transmitted through feces in sewage or shared toilet facilities.

Surprise surprise...
Morning @CaptainRidiculous,
Maybe the manual scavengers** should wear masks.
This guy's one of the lucky;) ones. No hair and on a rope. H&S gone mad :) ,(the rope is usually attatched to a bucket to haul the sh*t out though)...

...Not so lucky. Full head of hair/'tache, no rope...

...if you're really poor AND unlucky, no ropE:)...

...George Floyd walts:oops:.

** more revolting pictures available, just don't search for them while eating:puker:.
It's supposed to be illegal but still goes on.
I have 3(?) Photo's from my balcony a few years back of a kid(about 14?). Cleaning the house sewage pipe out. Luckily I'm on the top floor so the smell wasn't too bad;):puker::puker: but still very grim to watch.
A dip in Ganges will fix it.

Plus ventilators, vaccinations, trained professionals and maybe some education..?

Morning @arfah,
Being reported in local 'comics', that doctors/medical staff are resigning due to stress etc.

Eta: and education establishments* are either open or closed ;) , different sops everywhere.

* If you'd call them that. Figures a couple of months ago report a figure of 42/48(?)% of principles in State 'universities', were not qualified.
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To add further context, that is in a period of over a year. Out of 1.4 billion, it would barely register if it weren't for the world (led by the nose by MSM and social media) primed to fall over and crap their panties at the mention of covid19.

Morning, @Lardbeast,
I remember reading that if India was part of Europe:eek:, the death rate/capita would be 2%(?). Much below the rest of Europe.
I try to compere the State/District I'm in, Kangra), with Cymru

Eta: for clarity. 4th thumb nail is area of Kangra district.


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