India 1880s

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by seaweed, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer


    I found this in one of my great grandmother's albums. She was the daughter and husband of RA officers. Apologies for quality - the print has become torn sometime in the last 120-130 years. Looks rather posed and maybe it's not real jungle in the background but a studio backdrop. Hold VERY still please!

    I believe these gunners to be RHA but am open to correction. Would welcome any info on type of gun, uniforms etc that would pin this closer than 1883 (date the album was started) to 1898 (when the family left India). Although there are two guns, is this one gun team or two?
  2. Looks like RHA uniform. Could be a Sgts Mess group photo, lot of stripes in evidence. Not sure about the guns, Armstrong 6 Pdr's perhaps?
  3. Have a look at

    They will be very interested in seeing the photo and have an amazing depth of knowledge on all things military from the 1837-1901 period.
  4. Might also be easier to date more accurately if the medals were clearer...South Africa medals possibly? The uniform does appear to be of the RHA style. Ref the amount of gunners on a crew, again eight was fairly common but i seem to remember reading that six was considered sufficient on some guns.

    Good photo though!!
  5. Most (all?) have a medal, could be the reason for the photo.

    Not convinced by the jungle, the top left initially looks quite exotic leaves but I now think is a tree trunk. Once you take that out of the equation everything looks pretty standard.

    Possibly CIV post-Boer ?. Guns are very like some at Armoury House.