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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Good CO, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Is anyone having problems with the loading time of the index page since about 20 minutes ago?

    This is only worth answering if you are on good broadband in the UK as others will find that any problem could be a result of your connection / the net.

    Also I'd be interedted in your PC spec if you are having troubles. I've changed the way the text ads are delivered to the index page and there may be a bit more number cruching to be done at your end.

    "No difference, don't panic"s also of interest.
  2. :pc: GCO:

    In Germany on DSL, and it's fine here...
  3. Taking much longer than usual, with blank green screen for a while. On office network which is usually fast.
  4. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    OK thanks - what's your PC spec roughly VB?
  5. main page is loading fine on this (work) machine, usually its slower on this one.
  6. Bout the same time as normal on my average joe system. Using BB @ 1.1Mbps.
  7. Definite delay in fetching pages and green screen as VB says.

    1.8gz and 4 MB connection
  8. Same problem as above- sorry no specs- work computer
  9. Sorry for delay in responding - system is a dull Dell P3 - I know it runs the dire Windoze but that's about all.

    No delays on either my iMac 2GHz PPC or MacBook Pro.
  10. Pages are taking a while to load for me. I get the top potato head bar, then the green background and a 5 or so second wait before the forums appear. Its not that bad, just noticeable as slower than normal.
  11. ^ same here, I've also had the green screen with no forums listed and a done message at the bottom a couple of times, got frustrated after 10-15 secs and used back button.

    running a 1.6GHz with 1Gb RAM and 2Mb connection.

  12. Same here, thought the works computer was having problems not the site, also kept getting the screen The page cannot be displayed Compter not a good spec, but normally good enough for the web, also on a 10 Meg LAN.

  13. no problems here GCO, 3.0ghz and upto 10mb cable
  14. Same for me as well (and PTP, Humph, Sparky, Boney etc etc).

    P4 2.2Gb/4Mb connection.

    Interestingly the work LAN (you know where I mean) is demonstrating no discernable difference.
  15. I've worked it out, just to save the CO's a few hours of unix geeking. Its got nothing to do with arrse, the entire UK internet core is bogged down with the chav untermenche of this country watching streaming big brother live. On the plus side, at least the missus wont get mugged tonight parking her car after work :wink: