Indestructable Combat Helmet?????

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by two-four-albert, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. Tried to exchange my combat helmet last week but was told they are indestructable and I'm not allowed a new one!! They offered me a rummage through a box of old sh1tty ones but I thought I'd sound it out on here. Any tips or am I now excused op tours,ex, ranges......etc :roll:
  2. Get a tw*t tank driver out of 2RTR to run over it as he did mine plus my gat,webbing and prized bergan I had placed carefully on the side of my trench on Soltau-indestructable! nah!
  3. You're not the fella who made the press when his deflected an AK round, are you?
  4. Turns out that it was a wind up, or so the story goes.
  5. FFS red rabbit check the 24A bit in the name, I stay away from that war type sh1te nowadays!!!!!!!!!! Think the running over bit might be an option
  6. Get the RSM to belt you over the head with a shovel.....cracked my lid a treat. (Demonstrating the importance of wearing a helmet btw)
  7. I was alawys taught on my climbing course (which i failed btw ) that if a helmet was dropped then it had to be exchanged

    This related to construction site type helmets but I'm sure it still applies to kev
  8. Sign pistol out of armoury, return to Q store and ask to see said wa*nker storeman. Ask him to wear your helmet, produce pistol and ask him if he has faith in it deflecting said 9mm round as it is indestructable.

    After he has cleaned himself up walk with your new helmet to the guard room for a well earned rest. :)

    Storeman ... one step away from traffic wardens :p