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Indescribable cunts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. You seem to meet them in every walk of life now, but particularly in politics, those right fucking stupid, self serving bastards.

    The problem is that English, which has served us so well for centuries with it's vast vocabulary doesn't offer enough swear words to put them in a nut shell. You want to describe some cunt and end up writing an essay.

    We need some new "Ultra-common Nouns" to enrich the language and put these fuckers in the frame.

    Any suggestions?
  2. How's about "cock shits".
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  3. Couldn’t we just say ‘you politician’ that should sum up your/our utter contempt.
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  4. That's still two words, I think we need one word that sums em up, preferrably short, new four letter words in fact.
  5. Pillocktician sums some of them up, but it's too long, grinskulls is not a bad collective noun for them, they're always ginning, all the way to the bank....
  6. Write an essay. There should be more essays in the world, and more time to read them.
  7. Parasiticunts,
    I'm not good at counting...
  8. polunts.

    political cunt/ pollutant
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  9. Steel Pulse used to sing about 'Politricksters'.

    Nowhere near strong enough for today's context, I imagine though.
  10. "Gloyt" seems to serve well, I often call useless flaps of skin that one!
  11. For the ultimate insult I suppose yer could just call cunts yer don't like troppers.
  12. I think the old norse word for a smarmy arrogant parasitical lowlife scum with the morals of an alleycat and the avarice of a deranged magpie is still apposite even in todays world and thus we should refer to them as "cunts".
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  13. Throbosis, a more cuntish version of thrombosis... meaning.. "a clot that moves around causing irritation where it settles".