Independent: These are the realities of racism in Britain

Racism in the the UK...

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Diverse race = difference (the more socially mobile 'masses' in the UK have absorbed the diversity message, through personal experience, from holidays on the Costa to living in multi-ethnic Britain).

Multicultural Britain = confusion (about where the values debate begins and the race issue ends; so people struggle to differentiate their perspective. Chalky's excellent observation about Goody's inability to articulate her true feelings, and maybe understand her own position, is shared by people who too readily associate behaviours with colour of skin and unwittingly fall foul).

How much is multiculturalism to blame for residual racism, and a potential powder keg if social conditions change.
I also think it varies depending on the area in UK in which you live. Those who live in areas of high immigration, where local/central govt have used 'positive' measures to ensure 'equality' will have different views and feelings than those who live in predominently white areas.

from intli.

very true, common sense. (different, and not necessarily negative).

now the step further. european resident population about 350 million. of that over 30 million muslim (not fanatics, residents). muslim birth rate, perhaps due to a generalised differing cultural attitude to the place of wimmin, even amongst the wimmin themselves (obedience), approaching double pre-dominant grouping.

turkey joins eu. muslim population grows to over 100 million. politicians really do have to take note. they will need muslim votes. oblige with any sort of concession. i want to bring my brother/aunt etc., from wheresoever..., and of course foreign and military policy...

moslem populations in europe continues to grow bigger (also note tens of thousands who have submitted to the religion of submission, welcomed by islam, converts the other way are subject to "fatwa", a real death threat).

result? well read intli's post above...

did someone say londonistan, eurabia...

(ps most of my family has gone to australia, or other places outside europe, including usa, canada, israel)

i don't think of myself as racially discriminatory, but i do discriminate. :biggrin:
oh yes, i forgot, to put things into perspective,

the title of a song from the beautiful game, heard at the copeland end at ibrox, during an old firm match, completely and utterly offensive but accurately and knowingly humourous, and perhaps puts so-called british racism, wheresoever it might be found, into perspective.

i'd rather be a paki than a tim.
Racism is a little like the works of Shakespeare-Open to very wide interpretation.That's the problem.

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