Independent: These are the realities of racism in Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. is not a problem at all.

  2. There are only handfull of racists in the UK

  3. The problem exists but it is not very serious

  4. Racism has deep roots in the British society

  5. Great Britain is a racist country

  1. Usual asinine gummint/left-wing sponsored article in the papers.

    Racism has/is/will always be a factor, not just in this country, but every country in the world, and all the legislation in the world will not change that one jot. Ask the Hutu and Tutsi tribes in Africa, ask the Sunnis and Shias in Iraq, ask the Serbs, or the French.

    You can make a law against racism, so people stop doing it overtly (most of them anyway), but said laws will not stop people thinking racist thoughts.

    If some brainless reporter thinks that legislation will stop racism, she/he is living in cloud cuckoo land.

    If I may make an analogy, drugs are illegal in the UK, but have not stopped people taking them. Another: Thought is now a crime in the UK (unless it is left wing PC thought), but people still think what the hell they please.

    Here is a problem that racism laws (and lawyers) have actually created for minorities in the UK: If I was thinking about employing a black person, because of the race laws and previous discrimination cases, I would have to think very carefully about it and it may even put me off; not because I am racist (which I'm not), but because of the potential for being accused of being racist if I sack him.

    If I employ a black or white person, and they turn out to be useless nobbers, I want to be able to sack them without fear of being taken to court because the useless nobber thinks it's because I'm being racist, or worse, he/she knows I'm not being racist but by accusing me, he can get his own back. Racism laws are also detrimental to immigrants if you ask me.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    You would know because you live here, yes?

    Without being purposefully rude, your opinion means nothing in this debate, Sergey.

    I would listen to your views on racism in the russian society though
  3. I disagree Sergei, GB is very racist.

    There is a de-facto colour bar on many public service jobs, for instance if you try joining the Somerset Police you'd better not be a white heterosexual man.

    And no I'm not a member of BNP, nor a sympathiser of them.
  4. Equally if you employ a white man and have to sack him he may well acuse you of unfair dismissal. So perhaps you should not employ any one.
  5. Russia is a racist country. In comparison with Russia there is no problem with racism in the UK.
  6. It's an interesting obsevation. Frankly speaking I didn't take into account this possibility asking my question.
  7. I can empathise with your fears and understand your logic, but do not employ and sack women lest you fall foul of the discrimination rules, do not employ lesbians or homosexuals lest you fall foul of the same rules and attract criminal liability and do not employ the over 50s lest you contravene the anti-ageist discrimination. Do not shout at your employees unless you wish to attract criminal liability under section 5 Public Order Act 1988 (as amended) and make sure that you take positive action to prevent one person from bullying another in the workplace unless you wish to attract an action by the victim for damages under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 which the House of Lords have now extended to the employer/employee relationship and your duty to protect the victim.

    You therfore need to practice dscrimination over who you employ to avoid the plethora of anti-discrimnation legislation and in so doing, expose yourself to liability for being discriminatory.

    I could go on but you are probably (and justifiably) depressed enough at it is!

    Regards and all the best
  8. I think the media needs to leave this issue well alone because they are making an arrse of themselves and, imo, exacerbating a non-problem.

    The report cites many figures but has very little analysis; Reporters, editors and academics would do well to remember that correlation is not causation. Instead of screaming 'racism' at every instance (thereby diluting society's intolerance for racism), perhaps they could do some proper research into why the figures are the way they are - is it because of racism per se or could it be due to the fact that ethnic minorities need more time to catch up economically?

    By the report's own admission, its has only been about 2 generations since over racism was criminalized. I would suggest that simply more time is needed but really, I do not know. Why don't the Independent do more worthwhile reporting and include more analysis so everyone can know the answers...
  9. GB racist? - well technically yes I agree. However Brits are generally racist against anyone who is different from the norm. The British are racist against Geordies, Scots, Welsh, Falkland Islanders, Pakistanis, Indians, Asians, Poles, Arabs, Cockneys, Scousers, Brummies, Aussies, South Africans, people with big ears, ginger hair, big noses, mullets and acne - all 'peculiar' results of genetics and regional/global up bringing.

    Everybody on ARRSE is probably guilty of 'so called racism'. It used to be called 'banter' or 'pisss taking' a few years ago. People generally got used to it and got on with it, the exception being the 'sensitive' ones.

    It seems to be the contemporary trend to label organisations/societies/services/individuals as racist. It keeps overpaid post graduate Labourite sycophants in overpaid jobs and allows them to hit themselves and everyone else over the head with a fekkin big (race) stick.
  10. But under the current Labourite 'label everyone as a racist' you feel that you must justify your comments.
  11. Having worked in Russia for two years, the Russian labour laws mirror european (with a small e) laws but they are not enforced to the same level because the Russians use an element forgotten in europe, COMMON SENSE. Russia requires every person to declare their ethnicity on their passport - Internal ID card, this would be considered as profiling in the UK but in Russia everyone has pride in what they are and where they come from, unlike the Immigrants in the UK who seem to thrive on being second class citizens and make an issue of it.

    my ramblings are just the thoughts of an individual of the welsh minority! :thumright:
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Don't be a prat you know what he meant.
  13. Is Britain racist as a whole? I don't really think so. There are a few diehards who still are and will forever be however I firmly believe that the majority are not.

    The main problem seems to be when someone uses a derogatory remark to someone else, immediately they are chastised as racist when they probably did not mean it in a racist context. It has gotten so bad that if you chastise someone of another race people will start to the whole analysis process to see what you said in case you were being racist.

    For me, I have to admit, I am racist.

    French... hate the whole dam race of them, black, brown pink, white don’t care.
  14. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    And there lies the problem. It is the difficulty of setting the level of what is "acceptable" behavior. The UK society is slightly more refined then Russia's and therefore our opinions, immersed within our society as we are, could be more sensitive to nuances than yours.

    My own view is that from a legal stand point, there is certainly a underlying "racist" streak within this country.

    Most of it, I think, is not malignent; rather people not really seeing the difficulty in calling a man "black" rather than afro-caribbean, coloured, african or whatever else covers as being acceptable on the day to the ever evolving PC culture that we exist in.