Independent - Sun 21 Dec 08 - senior officers take a kicking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Luxury for generals but hovels for the soldiers

    Millions spent on top officers' homes while lower ranks miss out
    By Jonathan Owen and Brian Brady
    Sunday, 21 December 2008

    James Hanning: Our troops know Iraq. Let's listen to them

    Millions of pounds are being spent annually on dozens of luxurious homes complete with domestic staff, including cooks, cleaners and gardeners, for Army top brass. More than £4.4m was spent on "official service residences" last year, according to new figures disclosed by the Ministry of Defence under Freedom of Information rules.

    The figures have provoked anger among politicians and campaigners who called the amounts "horrendous" last night and contrasted them with "appalling" accommodation conditions faced by most ordinary soldiers.
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  2. And soit has always been. Where's the suprise factor?
  3. RHIP

  4. RHIP? There is another, less well known, saying: 'Noblesse Oblige'. Basically it means 'With privilege comes responsibility'.
  5. Lord Cardigan lived on his yacht in the Crimea while the army froze and starved nothing changes.
  6. We spent hours and hours scrubbing, bumping floors, cleaning windows and walls both in barracks and pads - so the lower ranks' "hovels" were clean and livable - judging by a certain accommodation area I see regularly there's little evidence of that these days... unless someone out there knows differently
  7. No, Skynet didn't read the forum before he posted.

    Merging now.
  8. Sounds like the ferret Kevan Jones MP to me.
  9. Dont get it.... accom in the army has always been sh1t and if there was ever a broken or rusty bit of stuff we mended it/cleaned it sanded buffed painted or hid it. I personally think the initiative side of the army seems to be none existant now. Having said that global commitments are higher now so I can understand the lack of time / interest in wire wooling the bath or shower trays n all that gash. I have seen the conditions in some of the residential areas and yeh they do at times look shabby, so (living a little in the past maybe) but where the hell or what the hell has happened to the pads estate officers / wardens as I remembered them their soul job was to oversee ALL maintenance within the MQ estates.
    Another thought is WTF is with all the choggies who work for the MOD why the hell cant they pick up a bleedin shovel or a cloth? In fact ( chavs serving comunity service orders) why cant they be forced to sweep paint clean and gravel etc the camps. I didnt have an MQ pad for too long as my ex didnt like it but concidering the accomodation doesnt really comprise of much I cant see how it can cost the earth to put right.
    We should start an E petition and send it to parliament. by the way I looked and didnt find any "merged thread" or any other thread on this after refreshing so dont whinge if it is/was.
  10. some of the comments on the indie site are pretty funny - along with the selective reporting - nothing to see here, non-story move on!
  11. Great article to wind people up, but forgets to mention that these so-called 'luxury houses' are often used for entertaining and conducting state business. The small retinue is designed to support the very busy individuals and put on a reasonable level of hospitality.

    It would be better to see these houses as places of work, where someone happens to live, rather than homes in the truest sense. I beleive that most seniors own somewhere else anyway that they consider 'home'.
  12. I apreciate the story of the "luxury houses" is just a bone thread, but junior ranks accomodation is a bag of w@nk still.
    Another thread dedicated to those facts would be a better idea i spose.
  13. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    So, when there is official entertaining to be done, is Mrs General expected to put her pinny on and turn to and do the cooking? Or should the General have an expense allowance to take his Peruvian or whatever equivalent out to dinner? Where, if they have matters to discuss that ought not to be overheard? Also, some senior officers have, for operational reasons, to live 'over the shop' and how much rent does Gordon Mugabe pay for No.10? And how does this expense compare to what was spent in Westminster doing up first the Lord Chancellor's and later the speaker's accommodation to bring it up to an appropriate standard for a ZanuLiabour apparatchik?