Independent Scotland Faces Nuclear Arms Ban

With more own-goals like this from HMG it's only a matter of time.

Back to old SBA debate. I can't see Holyrood being too happy about a British colony within Scotland.


Independence is unlikely, but the handover of powers, post referendum, will make life in the new soviet very uncomfortable for anyone who works for a living and wants to hang on to any of their earnings. Big Eck is keen on redistribuition of your wealth.
It's not hard.

Fort Blockhouse nee HMS Dolphin comes back on line, we pull all the boats down from Scotland.

The people of the South rejoice in the glorious, bounty of being employed and having several thousand more matelots about.

The Jocks can go fcuk themselves... one assumes. Or try to attract tourists to a former nuclear sub base.
The SNP's had a no-nuke stance since nineteen-canteen. It's a bit like UK Gov saying an independent Scotland wouldn't be allowed to be part of the UK any more.

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