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We have a baby daughter and, at the risk of sounding snobbish, do not wish her to end up looking like Vicky Pollard from Little Britain.

I would like to think that a little cash could help shape her destiny, particularly as we are paying out nearly £4K a year nursery fees even at the present time.

Any tips for independent schooling in the Central Scotland area, preferably inexpensive (note the avoidance of the word "cheap") or bursaries etc?


you could do what my parents did with me; they forced me to play a musical instrument and push me so i got really good at it, and then i was offerd all sorts of scholarships. i was offerd a full to eton for example- but went to music school instead.....
just a thought


Have you looked at the Queen Victoria School Dunblane. If you have the right military background it may be the one. Annual FULL boarding fees of just over a £1000.

Age range: 11 - 18
Full boarding pupils: 137 boys 127 girls
Annual full boarding fees: £1,024 - £1,024
TOTAL PUPILS: 137 boys 127 girls
Including 6th form/FE: 25 boys 27 girls
Staff numbers: 30 full time - 2 part time
Method of entry: This school only accepts children of Scottish service personnel or those who have served in Scotland, Interview, Report from previous school, Please apply to school

Just a thought. Although fro Secndary education it may be well worth considering providing you qualify...

my apologies, try here



War Hero
Not what you are looking for I know, but this may be of interest to others. I have only discovered this place since getting involved with the Army Cadets there.

It is a rarity in that it is a grant maintained boarding school, so the fees are an awful lot lower than is generally the case for boarders.

Bear in mind that if you do sent the brats there and they join the school ACF detachment they will be whipped into shape by a couple of Ex Regular Greenjackets....good or bad, depending upon your persective.

Actually the kids at the school are a joy, makes a nice change from the detachment I have been working were they seem to be working towards ASBO's rather than a DofE award.

The fees are around £3,500 per term.

Hope it is of some help to someone.
MrPVRd said:
Any tips for independent schooling in the Central Scotland area, preferably inexpensive (note the avoidance of the word "cheap") or bursaries etc?

570mils has already pointed out QVS in Dunblane; there are a few ARRSErs who have enjoyed an eight-year tour of that esteemed establishment ;) Bear in mind that it's boarding-only, and doesn't take day pupils.

Mind you, my information is a decade or two behind the times...

It's probably fair to say that while it may not compete with the leading independents in terms of "academic excellence" for the very brightest kids, it does incredibly well at playing catch-up for kids who are at school number seven; everyone left with qualifications, most with far more than they'd have got elsewhere. It's very good at the "life skills" stuff.
Morrisons Academy in Crieff
Convent of the Sacred Heart in Kilgraston
Strathallan in Forgandenny

and as already mentioned QVs (some right scary blokes went there in the 70s!)


If you are paying so much to get her off your hands now, I hope you will not be so keen to send her away to school at the earliest opportunity. In my experience, moving between primary schools does no great harm and is a lot cheaper.

Dollar Academy is another expensive possibility but I would say wait until she is 10

I agree with the others who suggest QVS Dunblane as your best option.

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