Independent running as prime minster

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dunc0936, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Question for the more educated amongst use,

    Could an individual run as Prime Minster or do you have to be an MP and a member of a political party, I know you and be an independant mp there was a ex bbc guy that did????????
  2. You only become Prime Minister at the invitation of the Monarch, but it is usually the head of the majority party in the Commons. If you are an independant, you are unlikely to be head of the majority party. You could, however, be appointed to a government position by the incumbent PM. Technically the incumbent PM could make you Deputy PM and then go on holiday leaving you in charge for a short while!
  3. Wah?

    (You have to be an MP and have a majority of MP's supporting you, so no)
  4. are you running? you've got my vote
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Go for it, you've got to be better than the muppets we have at the moment!
  6. well having a pm or at least a few more mp's that care about the armed forces and who do not have to toe the party line might help..... are there any armed forces lobby groups (that may be a silly question) but I thought I'd ask
  7. In theory, the Queen can appoint whoever she chooses, but then in theory she runs the country herself witht he help of her ministers.

    In reality, you have to be an MP and by convention (unbroken so far as I know) you have to head the party with the single largest share of the vote.

    Which means you've had to climb the greasy pole and will have backs to scratch and a pocket full of promises to keep. Disillusioned? Moi?
  8. reading a few of the threads over the last few days, got me thinking, so I looked around at a few of the political forums around, did not really find them all that good to be honest and not a lot of activity, fair more daily activity on here....

    So if someone like myself was to run, then besides the armed forces, and what is mentioned below, which is a good start what else would you want from an idependent MP??????????

    Categorically state that they will hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty within 6 weeks of gaining power. Promise that should the referendum show that the majority is against the treaty that a further referendum will be held on UK leaving the EU.

    Commit to make the UK energy independent within 10 years.

    Close the borders to all none EU immigrants who do not have employment offers and ensure that no immigrant receives any benefits before they naturalise.

    Commit to five years of 5% GNP to be spent on defence dropping to no less than 3% in any future year.

    Complete overhaul of MOD & NHS.

    Scrap no less than 10% of Quangos each year for the first five years.

    Complete transparency of MPs finances, ALL expenses documented, ALL contributions documented.

    Commitment to keep present Grammar Schools and pledge to support any local authority that wants to open new ones.

    Accountability by MPs for their actions/inactions

    Rescind the Human Rights Act

    Introduce a flat tax system

    Follow the Australian example of publishing all government contracts.

    Publish all 'consultants' reports commissioned by at the tax payers' expense

    Have a genuine commitment to striking a law off the statue books for every new one they introduce

    Bring back apprenticeships, and training programmes for youngsters revolving around pluming, electronics/electrical, mechanical engineering catering etc.

    More community service time and less time in cushy prisons.

    From the thread below and a few I have added myself
  9. Two points.

    1 You do not have to be an MP to be PM. If you are a member of the House of Lords, and leader of the party which has a majority in the Commons, you can be PM (though of the two Peers who have done this, one renounced his peerage and gained a seat in the Commons)

    2 Dunc, I would not want an independent MP who made such lofty goals his/her manifesto, as they are quite clearly unattainable by independents. I would rather have someone who had a realistic manifesto, with stated positions on matters of general concern. Anyone who thinks that they could get my vote with such a long todo list would be sorely disappointed, as I would consider that they don't actually have a clue about what they are talking about. There are though, I'm sure, plenty of less discerning voters out there who could be conned into voting for someone on the strength of false promises which are never at risk of being exposed.
  10. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    A manifesto which is clearly partisan toward one group, ie, armed forces would have no chance of succeeding. There are far too many other groups with interests, and ones that have more public marketing appeal. Examples aee the NHS, in particular nurses and junior doctors, the police , teachers and many other public service organisations. The police alone can field over 100,000votes not to mention their spuses, children etc.
    An independant as Prime Minister would be an impossible task. He would have no supporting party with a big enough majority to carry a vote,nor enough support to beat or overcome any opposition motions.
  11. You have to be a scottish cnut to be Prime Minister nowadays.
  12. thanks guys, some interesting points to work on and look at, but not going to give up,

  13. Old Fat and Hairy,

    Whilst I agree that being a one issue party will not bring much success, what needs to be remembered is that the one issue party can make enough waves to help gain the agenda wanted. For example, should a group of ex-soldiers band together and form a party which was to help improve the MOD, in particular the pay and life of the soldier/sailor/airman, then they would get a lot of support from the thousands of service personnel.

    At a time when a large percentage of the electorate are not voting, then taking away those thousands of votes from the major parties would at the least make them sit up and take notice. This is what happened with the Green Party, now all of the major parties are trying to prove their green credentials.

    Mind you, this would only happen if all soldiers made sure that they were able to vote!
  14. Im not saying this would be my only policy, I car about education, NHS, green issues, strong forigen policy etc, but I would be one person that would be prepared to make some hard decision, and not cutting defence but maybe cutting social some would be one of them, it is easy for politicans to cut defence, and not social, they are black mailed into not cutting it, the defence lobby is not as strong as the social one, but bet there are plenty of people on social that either don't need to be or not get as much as they do,

    one requirement, if they can't find a job then they have to do 18 months in the armed forces.

  15. Huh! John Prescott 2 car-ed about it!