Independent muslim schools giving an unbalanced education

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. The Head of the schools inspector dept has concluded that some independent faith based schools (particularly some muslim schools) are not giving their students a well balanced education about british cultrue, integration, alternative faiths and the outside world.

    Obviously the muslim schools disagree.

    Association of Muslim Schools chairman, Dr Mohamed Mukadam said

    I am glad that some one had had the balls to stand up and make this statement rather than brush it under the carpet so as not to offend the Muslim population. Their children (as well as all others) are entitled to (and required by law) to recieve a well balanced education that highlight other faiths and cultures, whilst allowing them to practice theirs.
  2. And having been told that they are to be protected with anti-religious hatred legislation and their votes bought back, the Gov't seeks to now bring the Muslims into the Borg Collective.

    February is "Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered Persons Month" and schools are being encouraged to promote LGBT "understanding". How will this sit with Muslim and Catholic schools I wonder? Will the next assauly on freedom of thought be to criticise, marginalise, then ostracise parochial education so that it no longer questions the liberal moral morasse of the New Labour "project"?

    I fear for what we are becomming.
  3. My wife is a secondary school teacher - from her (evil and sometimes missleading :twisted: ) lips:

    Some school governors and local education authorities are contemplating a ban of celebrating Christmas at school as it could offend other religions.

    The Religiuos Studies teacher (of all the people) commented that it is perfectly ok for children to acknowledge Ramadan, Eid and some other festival of none Christian roots that I can't remember now.

    Double standards?? I agree with Agent Smith, it is about time people started standing up for our beliefs. Its not being a racist, it is called defending yourself.
  4. Ah.. gone are the days when the most excitement we had in the third year of my all-girl school was a very enlightened Biology teacher using a blackboard drawing to show the location of the clitoris and instructing us to go home and find ours with a hand mirror that evening. 'Believe me, you'll know it when you find it,' she said with a smile. Homework was never the same again.

  5. 8O DAMN!!!!! How did she mark the homework??? :lol: I wish!!!!!!!
  6. Good grief. The best that the bio master at Rannoch, 'Spy' (we were convinced he was in the pay of the USSR) could come up with was frog woo. Bastart.

    Still. If all of our schools can't produce children with the urge to promote British values (yes, I know) in addition to individuals capable of outperforming the rest of the world, they should be closed forthwith. The Japs, Indians, Singaporeans, Indongs and Taiwanese will be zipping us up without a thought if we let the Neue Arbeit fools run the curriculum. It isn't social attitude that counts, it's maths, communications, leadership and engineering. Full stop. (And I'm not ex-RE).
  7. I quite agree that achieving certain standards of education (ie trying to rasie our general level of education) is a fundamentaly important goal of the education system (or at least it SHOULD be).

    However, what good is all this if we dont have any moral education? If we dont teach kids right from wrong, ethics, and good citizenship (like not jipping OAP's, respecting their elders and helping those less fortunate) then what sort of society will we have?

    A highly educated nation of selfish twats? Not far from what we have now (apart from the education part 8O )

    agent smith
  8. Islamophobia is the new black. I've lost track of the number of articles I've read in which leading Muslims accuse everybody else of being Islamophobic.
    I am "Britain-not-being-British-phobic", if they insist on continuing to reform our society to make it totally Islam friendly then I fear that this will soon equate to Islamophobia.

    Schools should be places where children can learn about themselves and others. Places of diversity in our multi cultured country. Why is this segregation allowed?
    I confess I hold that any form of religious or even fee paying school is unhealthy. Lose the Catholic, C of E and upper class toff schools while we're at it. Then the Muslims won't have a leg to stand on.
  9. only problem with losing all these different schools is that some of them are hte best performing schools in the land 9girls school, catholic schools and privately funded schools)

    If we get rid of them, we are effectively dumming everyone down to the same level. It is also a form of communism 8O

    without the ability to nuture some of the best students (as well as some posh twats at the private schools, although they do take on underpriviliged kids who are poor), we would see an even lower standard of edcuation in the country.

    agent smith
  10. A good point, but how do you propose to sack some religious schools and not others. And if you aren't going to sack muslim schools, how do you then control them? School inspections etc are not going to solve the problem.
  11. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    By the same logic would you want to remove private (fee paying) healthcare and pension plans? It is just another way of people trying to make their lives or their kids lives better. I do think that a schools policies should not be influenced by religion though.

  12. Get rid of the ones that are teaching an unbalanced and insular vision of the world. Inspectors seem to be able to notice this going on and it can be enforced (the school shut down or head teacher removed for example)