Independent: Iraq was about oil

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Funny old thing. After donning a tinfoil hat it occurred to me that the US may have a vested interest in not fixing Iraq. If chaos continues, long term US support and a military presence is required...

    The downside of this theory is the same as the World Trade Centre conspiracies: the US are simply too incompetent to execute a complex conspiracy. Or is this a cunning illusion? 8O

  2. No you don't say?
    There I was thinking we invaded the country because they were threatening us!

    What I want to know is will the soldiers we sent to fight get a share of the spoils?
    After all Milo Minderbinder from Catch 22 at least had the courtesy to leave share certificates in Milo Minderbinder Industries in the paras back packs after nicking their shutes to sell the silk on the black market.

    Come to think of it, have any of them benefited from a dividend payout from Halliburton yet?
  3. Wow - what a surprise. I thought it was about WMD !!
  4. What's wrong.... don't you need Oil anymore? ;)

    When the venture capitalists decided to go for it and plant some Christmas Trees below the Ice Sheet in far eastern Russia (at a cost of just a few measly billion for start up) they just so happened to own huge chunks of ExxonMobil, BP, Shell etc. A mere coincidence...

    Twice a year the Kremlin send some suits East on a 'Jolly' on the Siberian Railway to make sure they get their 'national interests' seen too, which is essentially just a massive cut of the pie.

    In short Russia had to do bugger all really, just leave it to the experts. I guess the notion of being able to flick a switch and having the lights come on still appeals to large sections of the planet who don't have it yet.
  5. Hey limbo dancer,
    some of us prefer to pay for it in a civilised way whilst rather spending money on war use it to develop alternatives, Yes?
  6. Damn right SLRboy. And when they do decide to use Stevenson engines to burn the metal of recycled cars to power cars I'll be first in line at the BP Garage ;)

    The above was just a little pointer on how 'benign' (if that's ever a word that works with the Oil & Gas industry) cooperation between international venture capitalists and governments can be. Russia could have said no to ExxonMobil and yes to Petrobras for example, but they just so happened to make a better business deal.

    Globalization II (or are we at III now, I forget) is a Force Majeure.
  7. Oh for god's sake, we invaded Iraq for a multitude of reasons, not just oil!

    Firstly there was the very real 45 minutes WMD threat, plus the threat to the rest of the region, not that we did anything during the Iran/Iraq war (apart from supply Saddam with our cast-off desert kecks).

    It was also unfinished business for Bush as daddy hadn't done the job properly.

    Don't mention the . . . Haliburton!

    Call the oil the spoils of war.
  8. Giblets wrote:

    "Firstly there was the very real 45 minutes WMD..."

    Are you feeling alright mate?
  9. No, not at al, thanks for asking; I think I'll just have a little lie down . . .