Independent Financial Advisor - Young Officers Warminster

Does anyone remember the old duffer who was(and probably still is) selling ISAs for Invesco Perpetual at Warminster on the YOs Inf and Armd course. He sold me one, it did crap, and I want to contact the little blighter to get whatever is left of my money back!!! He drove a beat up old golf which should have probably given me a hint at the time, but didnĀ“t! Unfortunately I have not got any of his paperwork with me hence have no way of contacting him....


I think you will find that all stockmarket-linked ISAs and other investments have faired poorly. Unless he made claims or promises which were false or misleading then you are unlikely to have (legal or regulatory) recourse. Doesn't stop you having him duffed up though.

Invesco should be able to give you the IFA's details.

Happy to discuss in more detail in here or via PM if it would help.

Thanx FS,
He has not done anything underhand, but it is just a shame that my timing was crap! I am sure that I probably do not need to go to him to get it back, maybe straight to Invesco?

Do you want your money back? Unfortunately, I doubt if they will go for that. They will probably just give you the option of 'surrendering' the plan at which point you may find that there is no money to be refunded because it has gone to pay your adviser's commission fee. Ouch. Those new alloys on his golf are all thanks to you.

Lots of investors are just sitting tight with their ISAs now and hoping that things can only get better in the next few years...

PS Get your avatar sorted - I am dying to see what it is... pair of highly-polished riding boots and a crop?
Or whatever you call it. Anyway I have no idea how to import a picture. I have one ready but I do not understand URLs and the like....Can you help???

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