Independent Discusses No10 Seminar on Forces Future

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. Is this the way HM Forces iwill be forced to go? Or do we take what the Independent calls the Traditionalist view?

    The Independent Article
  2. Probably neither. Both assume a large increase in additional funding. Go back and re-read the title and sub-title of that article.

    Now where's that £15bn going to come from???

    Neue Arbeit has a major problem with cash flow on both a personal and a government level.

    From the same issue of the Independent:

    And from your favourite newspaper:

    I particularly liked this paragraph...

    Strange how that piece of news was kept quiet. :x
  3. Come on folks, are any of us who post on here surprised by any of the news of late from this incompetent government??

    Brown detests the military and old Bliar will seem tame in comparison to what old feck-face will probably do to the overstretched, under-funded and undervalued military.

    If he ditches the 2 new carriers, then he has fecked us over and the military will never regain its former standing in the world :thumbdown:
  4. Well, I've never been in the military (as my sig indicates) but, from my days as a management consultant, I can offer one thought gleaned in response to the excessive cost cutting zeal of the early '90's.. "No one ever downsized to greatness".

    Its a lesson for the Government perhaps?