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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tommo16, Aug 11, 2005.

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  1. I am curently serving in 166 Supply Regiment RLC at Grantham. However am considering a transfer to independent unit .Got sigs sqn and infantry unit near me in Chelmsford. What is the basic commitment for an independent unit? As the only reason i went for RLC Specialist because of my job(shift pattern) and missus job. Would one weekend every 6 weeks or so be enough for independent unit????

  2. From the MOD website (TA FAQs):

    Q. How much time do I have to commit to the TA?
    A. The Army is aware of other commitments in your life and as such is prepared to be flexible in its demands on your time. Generally speaking, if you are a member of an Independent Unit you are required to complete a minimum of 27 days training each year. If yours is a Specialist Unit you only need to put in 19 days annually. You can of course do a lot more than this as your preferences and circumstances allow.

    Don't forget, you will also have to attend a drill night every week.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Average (Independent) TA Soldier puts in 36 Days per year - a bit above the minimum. Typically this is made up of 1 x 15 Day Camp, 6 to 10 Days worth of Drill Nights (1/4 day) and the rest 11 to 15 days made up of weekend training, quite a few weekends of which will be ITD w/es the same as you would do at Grantham.
  4. From my previous research on the topic when I joined up not-very-long-ago-at-all, the required commitment in terms of camp/weekends for an independant is pretty much the same as a specalist unit if you're regularly doing the one-night-a-week. (In fact it's one weekend less if you manage every possible night)

    I would also be *terribly* remiss if I didn't point out what a nice bunch of chaps (and ladies) they are at the Sigs Troop in Chelmsford. :)
  5. I have deliberately tried to annoy as many people as possible tonight. I am now tired and I'm going to bed.
  6. Join Infantry. Im actually in an outpost of Chelmsford. Good guys. In terms of time commitment the whole of the TA is calling out for people. If you can only make a weekend every 6 weeks then i'm sure they'd still be more than happy to have you. You might not get your bounty at the end of the year though as you wont have dont the necessary amount of time.

    What might be possible for you to do is actually remain with grantham and then come along to certain training weekends. They'd be more than happy to have you to help make up numbers.
  7. Don't ¼day on drill night and ½day Fri pm count any more ?
  8. Not too sure actually. I have no life and have always had far far more days than I needed.