Independent about Iraqi ghost army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 15, 2005.

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    Our Polish friends made good business. They sold useless pieces of iron for huge sum (taken I suspect from American and British taxpayers.

    The manufacturer is probably Russian. It would be more logical to buy helicopters (new ones) directly in Russia (btw, it is a good option for RAF too).

    So Poles are not alone.

    At least significan part of Iraqi police and army are well armed (probably because they are hidden insurgents). Americans (as nation with practical look on things) no doubt are aware...

  2. And how's Chechnya going for you people these days, Sergey? Rip-roaring success now, is it?

    Think I'd rather be president of Iraq or Afghanistan than Chechnya - they seem to live longer.

  3. oh i don't know - ageing Kalashnikovs can be very effective weapons.

    I think that anything more sophisticated would be wasted until/unless the Iraqi army and police in general were able to learn the weapons handling skills that their instructors are trying to teach them...
  4. Dear Andy!

    Situation in Chechnya goes better. Local 'insurgents' (many of them) are now in local police and special services. These forces 15000 (taken into account that Chechnya is much smaller than Iraq) would be equal to 350,000 - of course sufficient but unreachable nubmer in Iraq now.

    Terror acts in Chechnya are now rare. There are few hardliners, islamists but they are mainly harboured in the UK.

    What would you say if organiser of 911 and blasts in London would be harboured in Moscow?

    What is this Zakayev doing in London? It appears that he pomises new terror acts.

  5. Couldn't agree more. Iraqi army and police should be supplied with effective and easy in use arms.