Independence for Kosovo, unhappiness for Serbs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by strut_jack, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. Serbs Accuse UN Of Violation Of Law Over Kosovo Independence

    This has been bubbling away for some time now, since maybe 1999, but with the Security Council actually sitting down to chat about it the fudging is drawing to a close.

    There are a couple of points in the article that I didn't feel could pass without comment.

    Presumably this is because the Albanians have been doing such a sterling job of it upto now, or if not maybe it's because the UN believes that having got exactly what they want for pretty much b*gger all cost the Albanians are going to suddenly decide to play nice once the UN has given away all the cards it holds.

    Who do you think you're kidding Mr Kosumi? There are no conditions, once you've got independence it doesn't matter what the UN have said you should do. You could fire the charges to demolish the Serb church in Pristina yourself, the most that'll happen at the UN is someone, somewhere, will write a 'strongly worded' report about it and life will go on pretty much as it was before.

    Of course I might be wrong, the world might intervene on behalf of the Serbs. Personally I hope not, I don't think I could stomach anymore ex-Cav officers building a singing career on the basis of their experiences in the 'Vo
  2. UN is not something solid. Political decisions are elaborating in UNSC. There are many different countries there. One believes and another not.

    I guess that these talks are doomed for failure. UNSC decided that Kosovo is a part of Serbia (Yugoslavia) and only threat of full destruction would force Serbs to regognise independence of Kosove in any form. As new war agains Serbia is not regarded as even possible option then Serbs will be firm on their position. By other hand Kosovans would agree on wide authonomy only under threat of their expultion or at least withdrawal of NATO troops that is unprobable in near future.

    There is no progress in Cyprus during decades. Why should it happen in Kosovo?

    The most realistic solution is in the joint membership in EU. In this case Kosovo would be de facto independent but formally a part of Serbia.
  3. I suppose that to a certain extent I was thinking of the well intentioned but niave, the pant wetters, the incompetents, and the downright corrupt who seem to make up the staff of the UN at senior levels.
  4. Kososvo was an autonomous state self governing within the yugoslav federation until milisovich took it away, perhaps that is the best solution,
    restore their Autonomous status ?
  5. Find me a single Albanian Kosovan who's up for that...
  6. i wouldn't know , i do know , that full indepedence could lead to war considering how sacred Kososvo is to the Serbs , they may be willing to fight for it. Albanians will lose big time , so they must try to find the best solution which will further their interests while keeping the Serbs happy.
  7. Serbia has it's eye to the future and Europe, it won't blow that on a conflict in Kosovo, which at the end of the day is a muddy hole.

    The Albanians couldn't give a toss about keeping the Serbs happy, and since they have the whip hand why should they? The number of maps of 'Greater Albania' to be found hanging in the offices of people in 'the establishment' within Kosovo points to quite how interested Kosovo's Albanians are in reaching an accomodation with the Serbs.
  8. Do we forget that Kosovo Polje ('Field of Blackbirds, 1389' and all that................) is the cradle of Serbdom? Johnny Turk gave the Boys from Belgrade a v good shoeing an all the mini-Slobs are reminded of that fact.

    As you say, SJ......War is war - but business is........well, I think that's what you said?
  9. if thats the case, then the Albanians will lose out economically and the chaos, lack of law and order, poor ecomony and the old Albainian methods of dealing with Murder via Blood feuds has blighted many families in Albania proper could infect Kosovo , in which case independence would not be so wonderful after all. the Serbs can also impose ecomonic blockade by not trading with them, also once teh UN leaves there will be no aid package, food parcels etc they will have to fend for themselves.
    sour dreams comes to mind, many Kosovan will leave to find work elsewhere reducing the viability of the state.
  10. Kosovo currently has 70%+ unemployment, bugger all economy to speak of, most of the significant murders in recent years have had links to at least one of the major political players including those of several police officers, the blood fued exists already, and I'm sure that the current trade via Albania and Macedonia will be able to stand Serbia's absence.

    The UN are very unpopular with the general population, while 'security' may not be a dirty word UNMIK certainly is, KFOR on the other hand, being sturdy 'warrior' types retain a healthy currency, apart from the French who are in some parts viewed as synonymous with the Serbs. Food parcels? You must be talking about a different Kosovo to the one I've been to on the odd occasion. Certainly the departure of 'the internationals' en masse will not do anything to help the economy, I still don't foresee many Albanians lamenting the absence of the 'Special' UN Police and their 'challenging' driving styles.
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    . . . and after wringing their hands over the fate of Croatia/Bosnia/Kosovo throoughout a significant part of the 90's - just exactly where are Kate Adie and all the other correspndents who, a decade ago were (I quote the bint herself) "just trying to tell the truth" about this little time warp in the bottom right hand corner of European history? 8)