Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. What is the plan for the Scottish Regts if Scotland becomes independant?
  2. I thought there was only the one left anyway!
  3. Its not as simple as just the regiments. What about all the support units and personnel? And what about the RAF and the RN?

    I would say disarm them and disband them on the grounds that we wouldn't be wanting to assist a potential enemy and if they want an army they should make their own. But then they do have an awful lot of our records and control of a lot of our pay in Glasgow....
  4. Fair point, but seriously what happens to all those "Bns" and the scottish affiliated Corp units, how about HQ Scotland and APC Glasgow - move back to London??!!
  5. Invade them, sack Glasgow, bring the pay records back, as well as all the tanks, weapons and ammo.

    Let's see how long the little blue-faced monkeys stay independent for when they no longer have the protection of the stout English and Welsh.

  6. What is the plan for the English Army when all the Scottish troops have been repatriated?? Or indeed the RN, when its engine rooms are empty? Or the RAf when the SHF is denuded - do you have to be Scottish to fly a chinook or is it a coincidence?
  7. I am sure that is not what the noble SNP have in mind, I suspect that they wish to retain full employment rights and the additional £1250 of English Taxpayers money that is spent per capita on Scots today.
  8. We can then employ Englishmen and Women once again.
  9. We reintroduce conscription in Scotland, invade England, get as far as Derby, get pissed, steal all the sheep and piss of back home!

    Just like we did last time :headbang:
  10. Thats abrilliant plan, except that you probably won't have to stop at Derby this time as the English will all be in Iraq/Afghanistan?Sudan?Sieera Leone/Falkland Isles etc. So you can take London and put heads on pikes!!
  11. It says 'the serious bit' at the top of my browser.

    How come you're coming up with this pile of wind up bait poo?

    You hustling for tartan chunkie in chief?
  12. Whistler, you seem to know a lot about Chunkies?
  13. We'll have to reintroduce FGCM for Sedition. Fair trial followed by a good shooting!

    Bye Bye Tony
    Bye Bye Broon
  14. I know the virtual you - and you're a chunkie!
  15. But the real me isn't!