Indecisive morons ruling the office!!

I've just been sat at my uninteresting desk listening to the whole office moan about how it's “too hot” and that they can't wait for it to rain?!

Why is it then, when it does rain, all we do is moan that we want some sunshine, and when we do get it we want it to rain, and when it get the idea!!

Am I stuck in the Twighlight zone? Full of inbred mong-children who can't make their minds up if they prefer warm or wet weather? I am slightly because (on a normal day) I'm always asking for the air con to be turned up a little bit (colder) but everyone's sat around me body-popping like they've been subjected to a dose of nerve agent and moan about it being too cold!?

Surely it's easier to put items of clothing on than to remove them - otherwise I'd end up swallowing the arms of my chair and duly up for charges of indecent exposure (and trust me, it's indecent!!) and furniture rape!

Why can’t people just shut up and get on with it?

Rant over, bring it on!!
Its one of the things that defines being British. Its always Too hot (can't wait for winter), Too cold (bring on summer), too dry (we need a good pourdown), too wet (I'd give anything to sit out in the garden), too sunny (i can't see, its too bright), too coudy (you can't beat a bit of sun on your skin)

Thats what being British is all about!

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