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Increment levels not going up on FTRS?

Got a disinterested reply from the normal channels as per SOPs at my TAC so was wondering if anyone could provide any gen on here:

Got a soldier joined the TA in March 2007 but left to go on FTRS with a regular infantry battalion for 2 years from February 2008 until March 2010, at which point he returned to the company.

This April marked his his sixth year but he is only on pay scale level 3. On enquiring as to why he is not on level 5 / 6 he was told FTRS service does not count towards upgrading. I have since asked if this is the case and was told it will be looked into; which it no doubt won't.

Also, he has been told he is not entitled to the Diamond Jubilee medal as FTRS does not count toward the 5 years aggregated service as of April 2012.

Thanks in advance.


How can a full-time attachment to a regular unit not count towards the annual increment when the weekly tuesday parade does?


Time spent on FTRS does count towards the qualifying time for medals, sounds like your admin setup is as crap as mine was!
Time spent on FTRS does count towards the qualifying time for medals, sounds like your admin setup is as crap as mine was!
Everyone likes a buckshee medal but its the pay scale and the backpay he's after, fair one, seeing as though he did a tour with the BRF and the pre-tour beat-up consisted of COP in Lydd and the Recce Commanders Course it rankles me a bit that if he hadn't bothered his arse and stopped behind to knock out his mandatory MTDs he would have been a lot better off! Madness.
Who was reporting on him during his FTRS? We had something similar and it turned out to be linked with a diffy SJAR, unless that was just a convenient excuse of course.......
The reason his TA pay hasn't been uprated is because he hasn't had bounties whilst on FTRS as he wouldn't but he should go up, simple matter of whoever has the JPA career manager role (possibly RAWO) submitting a form (JPAL002 I think) to SPVA by email, address is on the form - normally fixed overnight. Also on the medal front, aggregated service does count, again RAWO needs to submit a form (JPAS03 I think) this time to SPVA Medals - might be a slight issue there though as the qual date was 6 Feb 12!


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