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I was wondering if anyone out there would be able to quickly work out if im at the right increment level before i go and make an arse of myself up at the clerks. Im a Private Driver Rad op on level 3. I joined in may 2006 completed basic and B3 driver by feb 2007 and was upgraded to B2 in Oct 08. Is level 3 the correct level for me or am i missin out. Any help to work the system out be gratefull........... :D
From my calculations you should have progressed as follows:

L1 - Nov 06

L2 - Nov 07

L3 - Oct 08 Accelerated Incremental Progression for Cl 2

L4 - Nov 08

L5 Due Nov 09

Or thereabouts!! - The above assumes you didn't have your Yearly incremental progression suspended for any reason - sounds like you didn't get your accelerated Incremental Progression to me - have a word with you helpful Combat HR Specialists!.

If you have missed your increment and it has been put on JPA correctly, then all it takes is a quick iSupport to JPAC to get them to look and it and amend accordingly.

Why it doesn't always happen automatically is one of the 'foibles' of JPA, of course this is assumming that the tick box for 'auto -incrment' is indeed ticked on your JPA Record.

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