Incredibly bone question: how do i repair this patrol sack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Nutter, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Im really sorry for I am about to waste about 30 seconds of your life and no you cant have it back.

    I have a NI patrol sack from when I was TA, yonks old but still good. However I made the mistake of lending it to one of my cadets, it has taken me 4 months to get it back, however it looks like its been mauled by a dog.

    I know sewing it is proberbly the best way but I was wondering if there was something such as DPM sew on patches or somethings as the holes are a bit big and im too much of a cheap b*stard to buy a new one.

    Apologies if this is really bone, or if ive posted it in the wrong place but I thought there would be more chance of a TA knowing this then an ACF instructor.
  2. Beat the caseh out of the cadet?

    Somewhere like Jay Jays etc may sew it back up but.... is it worth it?

    failing that black nasty on the inside, and a thick thread and needle on the outside. sail makers needle and thread would be ideal. tie a knot on each stitch.

    Seeing as you are now a civvie, not a dig, maybe some patches such as unit badges or areas walked visited would work.

    Failing that, have a mooch for dpm matierial in shops. You may be able to bodge it to look like or even be a pocket of some sort. Again some here like Jay Jays may be able to add a pocket for you.
  3. Cheers for that I will have get a big needle and some black nasty as I may not be a civvy for ever. The cadet will be promptly beaten over the head with a rifle on wednesday.

    As well as the dog mauling it; it seems to have p*ssed on it so its soaking in the bath.
  4. Ask a surplus dealer if he's got any busted PLCE webbing bits, and you might be able to get a patch from cannabalisng the material from one of those.
  5. To fix this patrol sack you will need:

    One day free to wander down the shops
    A few bits of nice paper with the queens head on it
    A big stick

    Take your nice bits of paper down to your local surplus store and purchase a new one. Take your big stick to the next drill night and proceed to poke the said cadet till he/she coughs up the money to replace your day sack.

    Mind you, why havn't you got the money from the cadet or there parents yet. They fcuked it up so they can pay for it. FFS, man it up!
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Take it to your local unit, ask nicely and they may exchange it.

    Especially if you are supplying them with recruits.

  7. **** that mate, sniper tape all the way. Cabbie as ****!! and leave a good few holes and tears. Write very visibly telic or heric and maybe sew on a pair of wings and the civies will ******* love it when ya walk down the street or let people see it down the boozer
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Chippy git! :roll:
  9. Pick up another on walt-bay. Used ones go pretty cheaply if you get them quick, and you should really force the cadet to pay for it (certainly if I'd wrecked someone's kit whilst it had been lent to me I would have offered to pay for it).

    If you're a god enough seamstress ( ;) ) to repair it yourself, good for you. Personally, I'd get someone to do it for me, as I don't trust my sewing not to fall apart during an exercise.
  10. Fcuk me mate! stop poncing around trying to repair something that has past its best. Buy a new one and stop crying or beat the scrote that bust it to within an inch of his life!!! :x

  11. Im lacking those pieces of paper with the queens head on at the moment said cadet doesnt have the cash to replace it, and its my fault for trying to help out a cadet by trusting them to responsibly look after a decent bit of kit which if i can fix the holes has alot of life left in it by the look of it after i soaked it in a bath with some washing poweder in to get the dogs pee out.

    So im going to tray and tape it sow it and stick some dmp material to it. I would put all the badges on it and make it look really walty but i want to use it on cadet weekends and they dont seem to go for that sort of thing. Being cadet instructors I thought they would.
  12. You should buy an identical daysack, cut off the shoulder straps and place the new day sack in the damaged one, now you can use your old daysack without your sh+t falling out

    You should assault the cadet violently to make sure this sort of disrespect doesn't happen again
  13. I have a spare one I could have sent you but I use it to store the other two spare ones I have, under my bed.
  14. Simple. Beat said cadet like a rented donkey until he coughs up. That's what I would recommend. ;)

    Failing that you'll have to grab those pretty pieces of paper with somebody's head on them to see you right. :) (These are mine.)