Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Arthur_Dent, May 16, 2005.

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  1. Just wanted you all to share my utter shock and disbelief!!! Was having a quick look at the Forces Career website this morning ( The career Transition workshop) and came across an amazing oppurtunity. The MOD are employing a company called Sabco to employ Heavy Equipment Transporter Drivers ( 32 ton artics) in the Salisbury/SE England Area. 37 Hours a week.....................

    FOR 30 POUNDS AN HOUR!!!!!! 8O Its a two year contract, So, a civillian, doing an RLC Driver trade private soldiers job for Approx 58k per annum. Oh did I mention the fact that they also pay a bonus on top of that!!

    I pvrd from The RLC last year after 15 years and currently ride the tax free donkey in the middle East, It is obvious from this Job advert that the MOD couldnt give two hoots about serving Soldiers and when It suits them will quite happily S%$&k much need cash up the wall.

    Today I am a happy man, to be well rid of such an ineffective,shambling,two faced disaster that is currently called the MOD. Thats it .rant over! Im off to bag some fuzzy wuzzys before brekkers 8) 8)
  2. Its sponsored reserve. You get to wear green kit and have to deploy to sandy places as a type of TA bod. Once you factor in local accomodation prices and cost of living as a civvy there ins't that much in it!
    The vehicles are acutually privately owned and maintained, and the MoD figures that that kind of wage is still cheaper than having serving soldiers doing the job once training, accomodation, kit etc is brought into the equation. You will have to do specialist training (the 32 ton figure is unloaded BTW) and trust me as an ex tank transporter that you will end up working up to 20 hour days and 7 days a week in peacetime UK roles. It is harder on tours. Its a very, very hard life.
  3. Back in the 80's Germany was full of ex-Jugoslav types driving & humping for the army - lovingly known as MOJOs.

    I bet they didn't cost £30 and hour, but I wonder if their relatives (now safely esconsed in UK courtesy of our border 'controls') will be taking advantage of this opportunity?.

    PS - various opinions on whether MOJO was official, and what it stood for, anyone in the know - do they still exist?.
  4. The Mixed Services Organisation were originally displaced persons from all over eastern europe. Many of then had real experiences of warfighting that would put most of BAOR of the 1970s ( and perhaps today) to shame.

    Rumours were that some of them were war criminals as well.

    I think they came under the Pioneer Corps / PCLU set up. The provided armed MGS style barrack security at some camps as well as other driving and labouring jobs.

    Most had families in Eastern Europe and as a group they were the topic of volumes of Counter-Intelligence casework. Sadly in 7 Int Coy I did not get to see any of this, perhaps someone else can swing the lamp here?

    I did a google and found one reference here

    Click here and scroll down for reference to MSO
  5. I was at 1 (BR) Corps too. Do you remember the ex Polish RSM who use to live in the Sgts mess and tent the gardens. There were also the old Polish soldiers who used to sweep the camp. One of them used to be called Charly if memory serves correct and they lived in block 4. Right up until a new artillery RSM got posted in from 39 Heavy and had them all booted out. They had been there since the end of WWII FFS!
  6. Speedy!

    Out of idle curiosity have dug further- the job entails some weekends away and is to transport kit from a central depot nr Salisbury to various locations throughout the South and South East. The 58k figure is presuming that you work a 37.5 hr week. It is a 2 year contract and you dont even have to have military experience to apply!! Although if you have you will be given preference. I know about Sponsered Reserves however this is a different monkey! No Sandpit involved.

    :D This has gripped me that much I had to delve into it- I fully concur with your point about the life of Tank Transporter drivers, but 58k to pay a civvy to do the job is an insult, can pm you the ad if you want!
  7. Can't think why they were MOJOs unless it comes from the Delta Blues - "Got my MOJO working"?
    We had several at 14 Sigs who used come out in the field with us to peel spuds and do pan bash.
  8. There has to be more to it than that. As the saying goes, 'If it seems to good to be true...'
  9. Which is £600/day or £4200/week or £200,000+/year !!!!!
  10. Fond memories(as Orderly Officer in the dim past) of hunting down the missing chefs and finding them in the Mojo bar at 0530 where the breakfast slivovitz was flowing.Happy days :lol: