Incredible Interview With the Latest MOH Recipient

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. We do not often get the opportunity to hear from recipients of the Medal of Honor since they are usually posthumous but I commend this interview with the latest living recipient. I was struck by his matter of fact humility that I have found so typical of those MOH recipients I have had the pleasure to speak with.

  2. JJH.

    Like Lcpl Beharry, an extremely brave & modest man. They always seem to say that they were not the heroes, it was all their comrades who were, perhaps the only good form of short-sightedness.
  3. Truely amazing.

    I often wonder if the receipiants of the VC, MoH and similar are like they are because they realse how lucky they were to get away with what they did!!!!
  4. I agree. I have always found it very strange when being in their presence. Without exception, I am left with a feeling that is hard to describe--since so many ARRSERs are quite against anything "spiritual," I suppose the best alternative is a feeling of awe.
  5. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I have met a number of MOH awardees (Mostly SF soldiers from the RVN War) and have always had a sense of awe in their presence. Yes, most say that they were the recipent of that award for the many who died or also took part in that battle/action or did what any soldier would have done under the circumstances; however, I never beleived it. Having been in combat I have seen many that wouldn't expose themselves any more then they had too. As a class, my Green Beret is off to the Medics in the combat actions I've been in. I've never seen one who didn't scramble to the cry of 'Medic,' and perform the need treatment most of the time under fire.
  6. Here here! I would add "corpsman" (NOT "corpseman" as our Master says). I am here because of my "Doc" and I personally never met a braver young man.

    Cheers TW and thanks for your post about that thug scumbag Vick.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Awe is definitely something we can agree on. Incredible men.
  8. I know two MoH recipients, one Vietnam, one Korea, both USN. Both claim they don't feel they really deserve it. One says when his CO called him in about the recommendation he thought that he was about to be notified of a court martial for crashing his plane. The other says he was out of it due to his injuries and cannot remember all the things he did. Both are modest and very fine gentlemen.

    Trip, re medics, the father of a friend was a general officer in Vietnam, subsequently killed on a later tour. I was talking with him about Conscientious Objectors. He told me of a medic in his unit (1st Cav) who was a CO and how brave he was going out under fire to recover and aid the wounded. The General actually got choked up talking about the bravery of this medic. I know he wrote him up for a major medal (not MoH).