Increasing running time/distance...

I want to increase my running distance until I can run for an hour...

Today I have done 4.5m in 30 minutes and it was hard. I don't want to knacker my calves so what would people reccommend...

I go running every other day so I'm thinking increase it by 5 minutes each run. That or maybe 5 minutes per week...

Anyone got any advice?
Like most modern fitness training running is boring and a means to an end. You wont improve your timing's or have any satisfaction until you you gain rewards and incentives for your improved speed.

I was in the same rut as yourself many years ago and introduced an incentive to my training routine.

Its as simple as this, first you must do all your running at night, find the location of your local "Hard" family from hell, more than likely on a local council estate or high rise flats, It wont be listed in the phone book but you may get a heads up with repeat entrys in the "In front of the bench" colums of your local weekly newspaper. Once you have found the said house fom hell measure a route to a safe area, not your own house as you wouldn't want to "Shit on your own doorstep".

Walk to the target on said measured route and take 3 deep breaths before banging on the door as loud as you can. When the door opens let rip with a string of obscenities and then get on your "Alan Minters" and make like a swastika.

They talk of giving a % when doing phiz, This training method known as the" knock a door run for your life" will ensure that you are giving 100% effort through out the activity and your times will improve or you will get a good hiding.

If using the same house for more than one training session you can employ string or dental floss to give a head start or element of suprise.

If they fail to play the "Hunter Force" a brick through the window will bring them onside.

I hope this improves your timings
cleanbluesky said:
I don't want to knacker my calfs so what would people reccommend...
Thats where you're going wrong, calfs make notoriously poor running buddies, and they dont improve much when they develop into full grown cows.
You'd be far better off with a llama, or perhaps a particularly ally otter.
Having done a lot of running in my long past history I would recommend putting some variety into your running. Try some shorter, quicker runs in with the longer, slower runs. That way you will develop your heart and lungs as well as getting used to the longer distance.

Don't push yourself to your absolute maximum on every run, you will end up with an injury. Do some running at a comfortable pace and enjoy it. The kenyan's train by a method of 'run as you feel', so if you feel like going for that extra 5 mins then do so.
If you can run for 30 mins, that is good. But to get yourself running for an hour, well how about running 30 minutes in one direction. Before people scoff at it, there is a method in this madness.
On your first trip make sure you go SLOOOW, when your 30 mins is up, record where you were and go home the same route. Next run you attempt to run a little bit further, or maybe run home faster than half an hour. Very satisfying when you see yourself improve. Don't do that all the time though, like Clerky says, inject variety into your training.
Perhaps you should consider becoming "learned" in the matter of running to understand the balance of decent training.

Daniels' Running Formula is a good; easy to comprehend book. It's a near perfect blend of science and practice. If you're looking for a sh1t example of a fitness book, then buy Fit to Fight by Peter Consterdine. The worst f*cking hunk of crap I've read in my entire life.

Jesus that sucks. My god it's awful.

It really is terrible.


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Where abouts do you live? Is it inner-city/urban/country side?

I'm lucky enough to have woods near me, makes running a joy. However, I am being lazy and a bit poorly so haven't been running for a while.

Not really offering much advice, so nyer ne nyer ne nerr nerr :p
Have a similar sort of fitness problem myself but have found that doing interval training whilst running has helped my overall speed particuarly if you are doing something like your BPFA.

Tend to mix longer runs in once a week with 3-4 shorter interval training runs whereby you run for a minute at a casual jogging pace then peg it for 30 secs/1 min and get back to your casual jogging pace. This gets the heart working properly especcially if you keep going like this for 15-20 mins...

If you want something tailored to your own training how about finding out your casual jog pace (whereby you recover), and you sprint pace and see how things turn out.

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