Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. CGS asks - "I also look to all of you to come up with innovative ideas to de-heat the programme between operational tours."

    So what do you think:

    Free access to the local swimming pool?
  2. Only if they wear uniform and eat in the PAYD cookhouse.

    Isn't the swimming pool still free at Catterick?
  3. Dont know, but there may be better ideas (that may not involve Uniform - unless you want to improve Barrack dress) You mention PAYD - well what about a CGS review of PAYD and what it actually delivers?
  4. it is, but its poo.
  5. Thing is though Toppers, if you were doing back to back tours, wouldn't you want to go to a free swimming pool on your meagre leave?

    I know, should we let CGS' Briefing Team ask us, or shall we let Outstanding ask us the same old boring questions everytime? Mebbe he could send us out a questionnaire every year or so saying we have been selected at random (again) and it's completely anonymous, but you get told off if you don't send it back?

    I reckon that's a sparking idea. We could ask a question in there about police dogs' human rights as well, just to make it even more random.
  6. Two weeks all inclusive in Las Vegas
  7. I tell you what as well mate, free sun beds for all - come on - let's get that skin cancer sorted. 6 months in Iraq? Pah I shite it - I want to give my family the whole deal - if I blister - they blister. "No go on mate - whack it on to full - why should they get the easy route"?

    Sit at home for a couple of weeks watching telly, in my bare feet on carpet, with my family around me? Have a word. I want to be out there on a Safari - shooting animals from a landrover - come on - it's the life.

    Eat in my own kitchen for more than 3 days? The very idea. I'm going to get a tent set up in the back garden. If it doesn't leak, I'm going to get some BFO heaters and make the best meal I can out of a dead squirrel, a can of mushy peas and some sweet potatoes. The kids and wife will love it.

    Am I being a bit too sarcastic here?

    (Troppy - we can only wish for your idea).

    Dale xxx
  8. Interesting use of the word "innovative". What he actually wants is no cost options.

    If you really want to de-heat the programme, how about:

    Good quality training without having to travel to Canada/Poland
    Plenty of funded adventurous training
    Vehicles and equipment that doesn't need endless hours of maint/repair before deployment
    Sports afternoons and PT in work hours
    Quality accommodation and food in barracks
    Properly fund all the essential black economy jobs that take people away of their units. (Comd's drivers, recruiting teams, mess stewards, Regt ski huts)
    Scrap all the time consuming initiatives that take up so much time (or fund people to do it properly) eg IiP, QA, H&SW, MFP, COSHH, Risk Assessments, etc etc

    Of course all these cost money so can't be done
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    See them Ammerrcans? They get LOADS of on-base private companies that do really interesting stuff - Burger King, stores, cinemas and the like - you know, proper shops that don't rip off the squaddies, unlike the NAAFI.
  10. What he is asking isn't going to have anything to do with 'increasing harmony'. Increasing harmony would be reducing the number of days deployed for the troops - not making their time in the UK more fun.
  11. Biped, get with the times. It's not NAAFI any more its Sodexho, Aramark et al. Part of the PAYD fiasco is that they get to provide other retail outlets on camp.

    Watch it or you'll find yourself in a Tiger Team having good sensible ideas like those.
  12. Maybe by increasing Harmony, he meant increasing the qualifiers for harmony and that way we dont have 10%+ of people still breaking it!

    If you dont like a stat, move teh goal posts!
  13. [​IMG]

    Her name is Harmony.Could she help with de-stressing?
    (Even with the obvious problem)
  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Good stuff - perhaps you should throw it up in ArmyNet on the Feedback to the CGS Forum
  15. No need to post it - I have it on good authority that CGS follows all threads carefully.

    Why do you think I'm not rude to people anymore. Last time I was rude to Sven I got sent to Afghanistan.