Increased tax on alcohol - good or bad?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flamingo, Nov 13, 2007.

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    On the one hand, anything that will reduce the number of p*ssheads I have to deal with on train Friday and Saturday night (and my wife has to pick up after via the A&E department) is good.

    On the other hand, I don't really want to have to pay more for my occasional glass of whiskey or beer, and without a decent wine (or even half-decent) on a regular basis the wife will become impossible to live with.

    What are the views of the ARRSE community? Are they prepared to pay more for their own plonk to stop chavs getting tanked up? And do they think it will work, or is it just another stealth tax?
  2. As if taxes will make the slightest bit of difference. Tax on alcohol is already sky high.
  3. Bad.

    But it could finally get me to buy that homebrew kit I've been talking about for months.
  4. Stop Supermarkets selling ANY alcohol at prices BELOW the level of duty. It makes a mockery of increasing duty rates if supermarkets continue to cover the cost of duty out of their profits and sell beer at a loss.

    And high taxes result in even more smuggling, witness the explosion in booze runs, buying as much booze as they can get past Customs as often as possible.
  5. Having said that, I was in Somerfield the other day and their "value" lager is 25p a can. Unreal. Didn't have the balls to try it though.

  6. Famous last words: "This should be my best batch of homebrew yet!" :D
  7. or bring people up to drink sensibly? We smokers still buy cigarettes despite the ridiculous amount of tax, however much alcohol rises it will still sell. It is ok for those who can afford to nip across to France to buy their wine
  8. Is taxing things really the answer to everything? Anyway the supermarkets pay huge sums into the political party coffers so nothing will happen.
  9. Tax on fuel to stop me driving, Tax on Cigarettes to stop me smoking, Tax on alcohol to stop me drinking!

    How about let me live my own life and stop nannying me. It wont stop anyone drinking. Education is the way not Taxation.
  10. This will be just another way of raising revenue. It will not stop any youngster from drinking.
    What are they on about? Even if it was an extra 10p a can do they really think that the people that buy them will think "Oh thats gonna cost me an extra £1.50 tonight, I tell you what I dont think I will bother".
    Total and utter bollox.
  11. Tax what they want, £2.51p for 3 Lt of pikey cider, It will take one hell of a tax hike to put that out of my price range.
    Shouldn't the govt look at strong licence laws/powers to stop muppet corner shops/supermarkets from flogging drink to kids? And what about the belend parents who let kids drink? Chavs and toffs alike. These are the choppers who'll end up making us pay.
  12. We already have some of the highest tax rates on alcohol in the EU and some of the most restrictive liscencing laws, and we already have a problem with drinking.

    Quite simply we need to enforce the laws we have on public drunkeness, round them up every night, and throw them in a drink tank like they used to do and then hit them with a £60 fine next morning, it wont take long before they quieten down.
  13. Wow, Maxi, I agree with you........
  14. Who are the alcohol health alliance?
    Who pays them?
  15. I am not too happy with the idea of taxing people in order to control behaviour. If people, especially young people, are drinking too much and significantly more than say 15 yrs ago it may be more beneficial too look at the under-lying reasons why that is the case.
    If the cost of booze goes up significantly youths will find more cost effective ways of getting hammered ie vodka/ whisky etc which will be even more damaging in the long run.
    Anyone who saw Dom Jolly's Happy Hour series may remember the bit where he was in Russia. Kids drinking super cheap Vodka are dying as a result so local officials encourage them to get p!ssed on Lager instead! Sounds bonkers but it works.
    Having spent time in France and Germany where beer is relatively cheap I never saw kids stumbling about in the street, fighting at 2am..... unless they were Brits. Why is this the case? Taxation wont change it, there is a more fundamental reason for it.